At the "Hop"!?

     Let's go to the "Hop"??  No Easter Bunny involved in this one.  My kids elementary hosts a Sock Hop every few years or so.  The last couple of years they replaced it with a "Hoedown"...so I thought maybe the Sock Hop was dead.  Then a few weeks ago a note came home about a Sock Hop.  Normally, this would be no big deal except for one thing....I had just gone through my kids clothes and made a huge donation pile.  I was anxious to get rid of a lot of stuff so I remembered purposely putting my oldest daughter's poodle skirt in the donation pile thinking....oh, they'll probably never have a Sock Hop again!!??  Oops!  The clothes were loaded up in my car to bring to the Salvation Army.  I literally ended up digging through all the clothes in the Salvation Army parking lot to find that poodle skirt I had "made" before handing over the rest of my donations.  By "made" I mean, I found a poodle applique and "stitch witched" it onto a skirt that....ironically, I had found at the Salvation Army about ten years ago.  I think I actually did sew the poodle's leash on the skirt by hand, though, and that probably took me forever!
     The kids always enjoy the Sock Hop and it is their last year of elementary school (we haven't missed one yet) so they had to go!!  There is a DJ, rootbeer floats, popcorn, cotton candy, a silent auction of gift baskets...as well as a teacher auction.  When my kids were in 1st grade the teachers auctioned off their time and we won the chance to go to Build a Bear with their 1st grade teacher!!  That was a special day!!
     It's funny how when they were younger I could dress them so cute.... and now that they are 5th graders...Jacob wore cargo jeans, his Student Council shirt and a sweatshirt jacket over it!!??  So NOT 50s spirit.  Kristin was happy to wear the poodle skirt but could care less when I told her she should wear bobby socks..or what shoes or jewelry she should wear.  That's okay...fun was had by all and more great memories of elementary school were made....at the "Hop"...

School Invite to the Sock Hop
5th Grader Kristin at the "Hop"

Jacob...at the "Hop"??
Kristin Hoppin' with friends

The Old Days


Ruth said...

Such cute kids and pictures. I especially like the last one.

Jennifer said...

So cute!!!!