My Lucky is Sick...

     So, if you have been following along, you know that we recently had a vacation.  We made arrangements for my 11-month-old Goldendoodle "puppy" (Lucky) to be boarded in a fun place while we were gone.
     Apparently, when Lucky was picked up the staff mentioned to G that there was a virus detected in the facility and to just be aware.  I asked him for details and....he did not have any.  Meanwhile, Lucky was happy to be home and see everyone and played almost like usual.  However, he was pretty tired (slept a lot!) for especially the first two days.  We attributed that to all the doggy playtime he had.  Day 3 he "coughed" a few times in a weird way....but not a lot.  Day 4 he "coughed" some more like he was going to get sick....but never did (remember, he chews sticks and whatever he can find...everyday).  Day 6 we came home from being gone about 3 hours and poor Lucky had kind of "spit up" a few times in his crate....and then again when we let him outside.....
     At my insistence, G made a few calls and then took him to the vet with Jacob.  After blood work, consult and x-rays*, we learned my baby doggy has pneumonia!! :(  (Thank God he didn't eat any household items and have to have emergency surgery...)  But pneumonia is as sad in doggies as it is when my Megan had it...3 times.  He had a temperature, was dehydrated and was very lethargic when he came home.  He would not eat or drink ANYTHING....his breathing was rapid and labored...and he could barely move around,  Very sad to see him change like that seemingly overnight...it can happen fast with kids, too.  After trying salami, cheese, doggy sausage, peanut butter, baby carrots, treats, Frosty Paws, ice, etc.....we eventually did get him to eat some Gerber baby food (Beef with gravy to be exact).  He licked it right out of the jar that we fed to him while he was slaying on the couch.  We were relieved he at least ate something.
     Day 2 his appetite started coming around and he seemed to be on the mend.  Megan was an awesome doggy sister and he eventually slowly ate another Gerber baby food, his breakfast and dinner....and two Frosty Paws (one peanut butter one vanilla).  He LOVES Frosty Paws.  He is taking medication -- Clavamox 2x/day.  Tell your pets to keep Lucky in their doggy prayers....but we think he will be just fine!!  He knows he has a big day coming up very soon!!!!  We love you Lucky!!!

A Healthy Lucky!

Lucky with Cheese on his leg, baby carrots, salami, doggy sausage,
peanut butter, etc...in his food.  Still not eating!

Lucky's Big Sister, Megan, Feeding Him a Frosty Paws treat!

Kids Are At School, I ate my Breakfast,
now I just need some peace and quiet!!!!!!

This morning....enough energy to steal a shoe, just not enough to chew on it...yet!

*Oh, and it cost $552 to find out, ugh! 
 (And yet, we would pay more!!!)

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Jennifer said...

Poor Lucky :(. Lucky seems like a giant Baxter. At least in these pictures. Fluffy and tired.