Spring Break Family Vacation - Part 3

     Up early, packed up and on the road by 9 am.  Destination:  Sedona!!  (One of my personal favorites!)  Definitely a postcard city!!  The drive we took was on a very winding road...but also very scenic.  I did not know it, but G had promised to take the kids to Slide Rock State Park for some action.  Unfortunately, when we got there it was not yet open (which was fine with me 'cause I just wanted to go to Sedona)....!! 
     By 10 am we were in Sedona and everyone (except G) was anxious to shop the strip for souvenirs and goodies.  We were selective and went in and out most of the stores.  We knew it would not be long before G would lose his shopping "enthusiasm" (he is a terrible shopper)!! 
     By noon we were thirsty and hungry for lunch, so we stopped at a nice looking Mexican restaurant called Oaxaca.  They have a nice rooftop covered patio with a great view of Sedona....and chips and salsa!!  (If the kids weren't with us, I could have stayed all day and drank Margaritas!!!!  Next time!)  Everyone had a good lunch, bought some goodies, and then wanted to go back to Slide Rock for some swimming and fun.
     We arrived back at Slide Rock and it was open.  We walked a rocky (get it?) trail to the rocks the kids can slide down.  Unfortunately, I had patent leather wedge flip flops on and was not prepared for rock climbing....afterall....I was dressed to SHOP....in Sedona!!!  It was a pretty park and the kids said the water was freeeezing.  But, that never stopped them before.  They are in Lake Huron all the time and that can be pretty cold.  Us Michiganders are pretty hardy folk -- a little "chill" in Arizona is nothing.  There were many people at Slide Rock.  We stayed about an hour.  Long enough for the kids to take several turns sliding down the rock (by the way, don't tell the kids, but I think what gives you the ability to "slide" down the rock is the moss on the rock!!  Yuck!!).  Now we were anxious to get to our final destination.....Scottsdale.
     By 5 pm we arrived at the Scottsdale Links Resort...checked things out....  Finally, a kitchen, dining room, master suite, 2 baths, kids room, living room, balcony.  A quick swim, then dinner.  After our big Mexican lunch, I wanted a salad for dinner.  G suggested Sweet Tomatoes.  It was great!  They have a huge salad bar and lots of other goodies (Why are all the healthy restaurants on the West Coast...with all the beautiful people!!??  Coincidence?  I think NOT!)  Then off to Albertsons for groceries to stock our kitchen...  Return to our cozy/separate rooms.  Looking forward to the relaxation part of the vacation....the agenda for the rest of the week?  Pool+Sun=Fun!!  Our vacation is almost done...

Beautiful Sedona, AZ

One of the Pretty Views from the Sedona strip
Jacob and Kristin learning how the candles are made

Oaxaca Mexican Restaurant, Sedona

The 4 Little Pigs!??
(Sedona streets are decorated with these guys...)
Slide Rock State Park

The Rocky Trail to Slide Rock

Jacob taking a trip down the rock!

The Girls Floatin' Down the Rock

Look to the right....it's 90 degrees in Scottsdale!!

Home Sweet Home (I wish), Scottsdale, AZ


Jennifer said...

That slide on the rocks looks so fun!! I always wanted to try Sweet Tomatoes!!!!

Cindy said...

Probably so many other choices in Vegas and Disney!!??

Jonathan said...

Sounds like an amazing time...so jealous. I like The Griswolds photo!!! That's how I feel about our family! Cute photos. Hope there's more parts to come!

Cindy said...

Thanks! Yes, was fun -- one more part any time now!! xox

Donna said...

Stop with that "home sweet home" stuff...You're scaring me!!!

Nanc said...

Beautiful pictures!!!!!

Kaylin B said...

Hi! I found your post from Kellys vacation blog linkup! I LOVE Sedona! I grew up in Flagstaff and Sedona was always the best place to get away for an afternoon or for a dinner night!
Isn't it gorgeous?! I just love it!!

Brenda Worley said...

I'm just stopping in from Kelly's to say hi :) I'm an Az. native born in Prescott and now living in Washington. I miss Az. so much so it's always great to see people having fun in my home state. If you ever get out to Az. again check out Prescott and go up north through the White Mountains.

the cape on the corner said...

sedona is one of my favorite places, ever and i've only been there once. it was just so memorable to me, being out on those rocks. we didn't do the slide rock (looks SO fun) but we did rent our own jeep and go off roading. scary, not gonna lie, but such a neat experience.