A Royal Champagne Brunch!!

     My fun BFF, Donna, decided to hostess a Royal Champagne Brunch  for her girlfriends.  Sounded sooo fun to me -- and since I never did get that invitation from Buckingham Palace, I was in!!!  Everyone was asked to wear a hat which made it extra fun!  We also were supposed to try not to watch any of the wedding coverage before the party so we could watch together for the first time (easier said than done since it was all over the internet, too). 
     The champagne mimosas were flowing, a great spread of quiches, cucumber sandwiches, crumpets and lots of other goodies were available, door prizes for things like best hat, closest birthday to William and Kate (I won for having a June birthday closest to William - a lovely bracelet - yeah!).  All the while, the Royal Wedding was playing on the "telly"!!  We also played a fun little game where you figure out your "royal" name by taking the title of Lord/Lady, then your grandfather/grandmother's first name, then your first pet's name, followed by the street you grew up on.  Well, mine starts out good and then (thanks to my first pet's name)....is just sooo NOT royal sounding!!!  Here is my pretend royal name:

Lady Elizabeth Gizmo Lochdale

     I saw most of the coverage of the wedding itself and the two kisses later on!!  From what I saw, it all appeared to be very lovely...except for one thing that really stood out -- Fergie's daughters (below)!! 
     I can't wait to watch the Royal Wedding with my daughters!  What was your favorite memory of the royal wedding?  More importantly, what is your royal name? 
Thanks for a good time, Lady Sophia!!

Trying to look serious in my "royal hat" **

My BFF and Hostess, Donna (Lady Sophia)
with her Royal Mimosa!!

The Royal Wedding on the Telly

The Royal Crowd

Royal Flowers for the Hostess from Lord Rick

Really Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice??

Image Credit Time Magazine

** Made the hat by spray painting my Target $2.50 straw hat and safety pinning ribbon, flower and obnoxious beaded embellishment.  :)


Ruth said...

How fun! I'm still watching all the wedding specials - I can't get enough.

Donna said...

Hey...That's Lady Sophia Duchess-Highview to you!! You shouldn't have let on about your hat...It looked fabulous!!!

We definitely looked better than the Lady Gaga princesses!!!

Thanks for coming!!! XO

Jennifer said...

You look stunning! What a fun party!!!!

Nancy said...

Sorry I missed it. . . . I could have worn the hat I wore in MY wedding that my kids constantly make fun of me over!