Happy Birthday to...The Husband!

     Okay I'm a day late, but Happy 4*th Birthday to my husband!  We began the festivities by going out to dinner, at Benihana (Japanese steakhouse) Thursday night.  The place was packed.  Luckily we had a reservation.  I think I know why it was packed (besides pretty good food).  Because we got a $30 coupon for his birthday, which you can only use Monday-Thursday.  Apparently the rest of America got the same coupon!  You know you've been married awhile when the coupon determines your restaurant choice.  Everyone else there seemed to be doing the same thing.  Too funny!  Somehow, watching my veggies, chicken, shrimp and rice cooked in front of me...with the possibility of an extra shrimp being "flung" onto my plate, never gets old!  Again, I can be easily amused.  However, the choo choo train stack of onions is starting to get a little old...lol!  (Does anyone know what I'm talking about?) 
      Very good dinner for 27 bucks!!  Soup, salad and the scoop of cinnamon gelato I got was yummy!  Much to my dismay, they gave hubby the option to skip the bass drum birthday ceremony for his birthday, but I tried to embarrass him anyways! 
     Friday night/Pizza night...off to Buddy's with the kids for yummy salad and pizza then back home.  Gifts like dress shirts, golf balls, tennis shoes, North Face hoodie, winter coat, Tiger hat, Lions shirt, golf shirts, etc.... 
     Then, my big kid got his traditional Carvel ice cream cake.  Vanilla on vanilla, with vanilla crunch.  If you have a high resolution computer, you might even be able to see his age on the cake from my blurry cell phone picture.
A good time was had by all!!

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Donna said...

You robbed the cradle!!!