Happy {Valentine's} Day...a/k/a Tuesday!

     Ahhh, Valentine's Day!?  I have mixed feelings about it.  Of course, I love....LOVE!  Definitely, it was a fun "holiday" when I was still in elementary and high school.  The parties, the carnation sales, and some surprises from boyfriends through the years.
     This is the first year I am officially done with classroom parties and putting together the millions of cute little favors, Valentine's cards and baked goods we had given out for over 10 years...from preschool to 5th grade!!  (Yes, I kinda miss it...and I kinda don't.)
     Fast forward to the married years...which is alotta years for me.  Before kids, sure there were cards and gifts and at least dinner out.  After kids, more cards than anything else.  Some assorted gifts.  For several years, my husband had flowers sent to me.  I believe it was via an email reminder from http://www.proflowers.com/.  Very nice flowers, and the first year or two were a lovely surprise.  Then, all I could think about was the expense of having flowers sent -- and how Costco has them much less expensive.  Yes, my practical nature sometimes gets the best of me.  I told him if he wants to ever get me flowers...get them from Costco (since it's the only store he goes to).
     So, here we are.  It's Tuesday.  I gave each of our kids gifts last night because I knew they would want to wear some of the things I got them.  A big gift bag full of several shirts from American Eagle (clearance, of course), some Red Vines (the big bag was at the Dollar Tree), a Detroit Tigers Fielder shirt for Jake along with an Angry Birds sweatshirt.  Also, some pink Vera Wang watches for my girls.  So far, I only have a card for my husband.  His birthday was Friday.  I just gave him a lot of stuff...and we ate out a couple of times over the weekend. 
     It got me thinking.  The way I would like is to spend Valentine's Day (at the risk of sounding cynical) isn't that much unlike the plan they recently discussed in last week's episode of ABC's "The Middle".  Love that show!  It went something like this:

(Scene opens with Mike and Frankie (the parents) taking down the Christmas Tree.  Frankie comments that Valentine's Day is the official end of Christmas.  Brick (their son) walks in and says he has to write a paper for school "On Love" and asks his parents what they are doing for Valentine's Day....)
Frankie:  We're not doing anything. right?
Mike:  I didn't plan anything, guess I could plan something... I will if you want me to!?
Frankie:  I guess... if you want to
Mike:  Do you wanna go to dinner or something
Frankie:  No lotta people... long wait...
Mike:  Movie?
Frankie:  We'll just fall asleep.  We can do that at home for free.  How 'bout we just stay home...we know we love each other.  We don't need to shower and put on control top panty hose to prove it!?
Mike:  And, since it's Valentine's I can bring home a bucket of chicken, unless you want candy or flowers or something...
Frankie:  ick..., waste of money.  Just the chicken is good.  We'll eat in our sweats and fall asleep in front of the TV!
Mike:  Sounds like a date!
Frankie:  Wait, you're gonna wanna watch sports...
Mike:  Separate rooms?
Frankie:  Done!  Bucket of chicken, sweats, TV, separate rooms!!
(High Fives)

Brick (the son):  Guess I'm hitting the internet...

     So, you see I have lowered my expectations.  I am not as high maintenance as I may have been at one time!!  LOL!!  I am thinking....everyone stays home (school night), fire in the fireplace, no cooking (but some kind of dinner...carryout?), candles (which I do anyway), and hopefully something good on tv!!??
    No matter what, I hope you spend your day filled with love!!! 


Sarah said...

Too funny! Only our 2nd year, no kids yet, and we still stayed home and I cooked (my choice). BUT- that's cause we are going away for the weekend! Celebrating a little late.

Kerri said...

We have NEVER missed an episode of The Middle! That show is our favorite...Brady has the last 2 seasons saved on the dvr and could recite word for word most of them. He watches one at least everyday! The funny thing is, no one I know watches it?? Those characters on that show are so darn funny...where did they get those people?! Ok, sorry...just got so excited that you watch it too!!