Winter Getaway, Part Two

Sedona, AZ
     One of my favorite parts of Arizona is Sedona (red rock country)!  Even though I am a white sand and palm tree kind of girl, I continue to be in awe of these beautiful rock formations and the history of their formation, etc...  Pretty amazing since I don't like history either.  Sedona must be a photographers dream as everywhere you look is like a postcard waiting to happen.  Speaking of photographers -- I am not one and unfortunately most of my pictures were overexposed from the bright sun!  Also, there was a lot of sunglass or squinting which doesn't make for the greatest pics...  (But there are worse things than too much sun, right?)
     Sedona is about a 1.5 or 2 hour drive north of Scottsdale, where we were staying.  This was my fourth time to Sedona and the kids second.  This time we finally made it to the Chapel of the Holy Cross which is where many people have told us of the excellent views of the rocks.  Since Sedona is north of Scottsdale, it was about 10 degrees cooler with temperatures in the 60s.
     The Chapel of the Holy Cross did not disappoint and has beautiful views and the chapel itself was a very spiritual place.  My favorite picture is the fourth one down taken from inside the chapel where you can see the contrast of the true red rock color through the tinted windows of the chapel and how different it looks through the entrance where the bright sun makes it difficult to see the true color.  I even bought a cross for my "wall of crosses" that I am starting.  (Although I would not consider myself deeply religious, I do think I'm a spiritual person.)
     Later, we had lunch at a yummy Mexican restaurant called Oaxaca which has a patio with nice views and, of course, good chips 'n salsa! 
     Then we checked out some of the many shops and made plans for our jeep tour into the mountains of the red rock -- stay tuned for that tomorrow!!


Me and the kids -- why the Angry Birds sweatshirt!? (oh well)

Love this picture!
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 I bought a cross like this...thought it looked Arizona-ish
(it's made of stone)

 People were laughing at us when they struck this pose!

 My "winter home" (wouldn't that be nice!?)


Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Looks absolutely beautiful!!! Reminds me of the Badlands and Zion National Park. I'd love to visit.

Kerri said...

What great pics of all of you with the mountains in the background! I am sad that I didn't get to sight see when I was in Arizona last summer for a wedding. :( I hope I get to go back someday!