Winter Getaway, Part Three

Sedona, AZ - The Jeep Tour
     One thing that is very popular in Sedona are the jeep tours.  On this trip we finally had the time to take a tour so once we got into the town of Sedona we booked a tour with A Day in the West.  We booked our tour for around 3:30 pm in hopes of catching part of the sunset while on the tour.  There are different types of tours with different lengths of time and they each focus on different things.  I believe we took the Pioneer Trail tour which was 1.5 hours in length (the shortest tour). 
     Our driver was Rusty and he was a real live cowboy and very entertaining.  He was also one of the more experienced and knowledgeable drivers (thankfully).  I pretty much laughed through the whole tour and the girls were laughing at me, too.  Jacob and my husband were more engaged in the history and conversation that was going on with Rusty, our driver.  I was holding on for dear life as there was even more bouncing around than I thought.  It has been awhile since this girl has done some serious "four wheelin'", but my dad owned several Jeeps when I was a kid and used to take me and my brother on some fun rides back in the day!! 
     Rusty had a good sense of humor -- every time we would cross paths with another jeep tour he would slow down and ask the driver "when did you get out of jail, brother"?  The passengers in the other jeep would momentarily look stunned!!  Other times he would also ask them if they got their airbag fixed yet.  We found it pretty hilarious the way he would pose those questions and then he would just drive off...
     I was using Megan's camera and all she kept saying was "my camera!" because every time I would try to take a picture we would go flying out of our seats (even though we were buckled).  Luckily the wrist strap on the camera kept it with me.  The tour was really fun and Rusty swerved all over the road skillfully avoiding the biggest boulders and rocks in the road.  He seemed to know exactly what he was doing even though I swear we came a little too close to the "edge" of the rocky "road" a few times!!  I couldn't even get a good picture of the bumpiest parts of the road as keeping the camera steady was impossible.
     Rusty also told us his granddaughter was in Hollywood as a contestant on American Idol, Melissa (Missy) Ruhle.  She has since been eliminated, but he was very proud -- even though he doesn't have a TV (what!?). 
     We all had a great time -- one last post on our vacation tomorrow!!

 Cowboy Rusty in the driver's seat and Jacob along for the ride
 Do you see the Eagle's head in the center of the rock formation?
 Prickly Pear Cactus

 The Rocky Road (which was rockier than this)

 Rusty and my girls

There's an old Indian cave down that slope

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Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Again - Beautiful!!!! Why the long sleeves???? Wasn't it warm? Rusty looks like the PERFECT tour guide! Love it.