Freebies 101

     Well, hello!  Thought it was time to share my little stash of Freebies I've collected over the last month or two (I think I skipped February because of our vacation).  By following www.hip2save.com and signing up for the various Freebies that appeal to me or that I don't already have, I get these fun surprises in the mail and have travel sizes of lots of stuff to bring on trips or "try" without buying the full sized product.
     Some of these come in the cutest little packaging, too!  The Tide was kind of cute in a little "washer" etc...  That would be a fun marketing job!  I realize that not everyone is as easily amused, but I spend very little time on this and have gotten some neat things along the way.  In fact, I am too lazy to print the coupons that can get you some free stuff.  I only do the ones that come to my mailbox...sad but true.  You can see some of my other "Freebies" under my Deals label.
     This time around, I especially like my 12 pack of K-cups Hot Apple Cider and so do my kids!!!  It's all in fun!!!  Have any of you found any good stuff lately????

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Kerri said...

Wow, good stuff! I need to check this site out! Those oatmeal squares look good!