An MP3....Like, Kinda FREE!!

     I don't know why, but I can barely resist a good deal.  I know some many of my friends think it is a waste of time to chase things down to save $5 or even $20 or more!!  They say, what about the gas money, the time it takes, the hassle, etc...  I get it -- really I do!!!  And yet, it didn't stop me from going out around 9 pm Sunday night to my local CVS when I saw this post on the Hip2Save website I've mentioned several times before (thanks, Jennifer).
     A $79.99 MP3, on sale for $49.99 and a free CVS $10 gift card with purchase.  Not tooooo interesting.  But wait, they went on clearance and were ringing up for $9.99 and giving back a $10 gift card!?  Now I'm intrigued!  So, after getting the blessing of my husband, I headed out at 9 pm to my nearby CVS and sure enough!  There was only one box left sitting on a shelf, but no indication of markdown.  Gave my CVS card to the cashier, and it rang up for $9.99...and I got my $10 gift card back.  Awesome!!!
     Two CVSs later, and I am the proud owner of 4 of these.  Yes, I even left some on the shelves for others....
     So, after the first purchase, I used the $10 gift cards to buy the others...  If you're lucky, there could still be some at your CVS -- I think it's a good deal and hope to try one out sometime soon.  The way I look at it...even if it doesn't work that great -- I didn't lose much!!  If they seem like decent quality, I will give them as gifts in the future so act surprised if you get one ;)
     Anyone else like the thrill of the hunt in the shopping world!?  Or, are you more practical like many of my other friends??


Ruth said...

I'm so impressed with your bargain hunting!!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Awesome!!! I love a good find girly! Must head out to a CVS today!

Sarah said...

I can't find the time for coupons these days! But I find even better deals at yard sales and thrift stores :)