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     Thankfully, today wasn't as crazy as last Saturday.  However, today was the day that the quartet that Megan was in with her friends competed in the State Solo and Ensemble competition which was held at Rochester Stoney Creek High School in Rochester Hills.
     Then, recently one of Kristin's friends, Kaleigh, asked if Kristin wanted to be in a "fashion show" with her at our local Fashion Bug.  Of course, the time of the fashion show conflicted with Megan's competition, so Kaleigh's mom (Lisa - love her!) said she would take her.  The girls had gone a few days ago and picked out a couple of outfits for the show.  Although 20 some girls signed up, only a few actually showed up.  I forced George and Jacob to go and support their daughter/twin sister.  Of course, not their dream!  Not surprisingly, the store was also offering 40 percent off of the outfits they picked out.  I told my husband it would be ok to get one of the outfits if Kristin really wanted it.  So, of course, she did.  Then, Lisa bought her the cute necklace to go along with it!!  Jacob took pictures of "the girls" for me on his iPod.  He's such a good sport!!!!  Don't the girls look lovely!!??

 Kristin walking the Fashion Bug catwalk!
 Work It, Kaleigh!
 If Ony Kristin Could Stop Laughing!
Kara, Kristin and Kaleigh...!!

      Meanwhile, back in Rochester for the competition the girls all met up in their warm up room around 3 pm.  Their scheduled performance time was 3:39 pm.  (Cutting it a little too close for me!!)  They tuned, they warmed up a few times and to be honest, did not seem particularly concerned or nervous about their performance.  I admired their confidence.  However, I also knew how much little they had all practiced together since the District competition.  Two girls play softball on the high school softball team, one is on the tennis team and Megan's on the soccer team.  Plus homework.  It just wasn't happening much.  Then, the judge was running ahead of schedule so they ended up taking the girls to their performance room about 20 minutes early.  All the girls are good players and in the end the judge gave them a score of II on a I to V rating scale.  A respectable score for a group of freshman girls their first time at the State competition.  Literally within minutes after their performance they changed clothes.  Their real focus...going to see the Hunger Games movie right afterwards.  Incidentally, all performances scoring a I or II receive medals!!  Yay!
 They call these their Amish band dresses...they hate love them!!??
 Performance Time!!
 Their Medal Card with Score
Now Can We Go See Hunger Games!!!??

 **I even took all the girls to see my mom on the way home since we were passing right by her place.  "The Don" was there...and I had my camera.  Stay tuned for Monday's post!!!

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Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Sounds like you had another busy weekend!! Congrats to your daughter doing well at her concert! And I'd love to know how she like The Hunger Games?

Looking forward to todays post!!!