Monday "Memories" With My Mom

The Adventures of Caring for a Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
     Well, another week has gone by with no particular issues.  I have not heard any more from the daughters of "The Don" (that's what my mom calls him, like "The Godfather").  The more people I talk to about their relationship, the more I think it is a non-issue at this point.  Of course, I will continue to watch out for her as best I can. 
     It's taken me awhile, but I finally found the time to find my mom a dentist who takes Medicaid patients.  I took her to the dentist on Thursday.  "The Don" was in her apartment when I picked her up.  I was a little nervous for my mom to go to the dentist as I am not sure how well she can communicate if something were to hurt or bother her.  I did ask several times in the prior weeks though and she said she was not having any pain or anything.  Thankfully, her checkup went well and we do not have to go back.  As the hygienist was walking her out I heard my mom telling her how "everybody gets lost in the American House, so we just help each other".  It was cute.  One of the things about dementia that can work in your favor....my mom brushes her teeth A LOT!!!!  Ya know, because she doesn't remember that she already did!?  I buy her toothpaste like crazy.  I was relieved that we don't have to go back for six months.  Oh, and my mom's dental co-pay was.....$3.00!!!!  After all those years of my mom draining what little savings she had with medical costs and co-pays.  I love you Medicaid! 
     It was such a nice day out so I decided to take my mom to lunch.  She chose Olive Garden (but she kind of agrees to anything I suggest).  I suggested the soup, salad and breadsticks.  She went along with that but kept eyeing a shrimp appetizer (she looks at the pictures).  Admittedly, their "pictures" do look pretty good.  So, I decided we would get the appetizer, too.  It was all very good and my mom was enjoying all of her food.  But, do you know what she enjoys even more!?  Taking the sugar and sweetener packs and stuffing them in her pocket....throughout the whole meal!!!!  This is not a new thing.  I believe every other packet she would say, "this is my last one".  I used to tell her to stop -- now I see the genuine pleasure she gets out of it...  The good news -- there were several left in the bowl when we left.  I asked her what she is going to do with them -- she said "put them in my water"!?  Then, of course the waiter asked if we wanted any dessert!?  I thought we were both pretty stuffed but my mom said "sure"....so I "let" her order one of those white chocolate strawberry dessert shooter sized things.  She loved it, of course!!!  Usually we split things and I don't really encourage dessert, etc...., but she was just having too much fun!!
     I then ran into the grocery store and got her some orange juice and Diet Faygo Cola.  Drinks are about the only thing I stock her on as far as groceries.  I also gathered some of her many "notes" (pictured below) to try to decipher what is on her mind when I get home.  They are difficult to read, but I can make some sense out of whether I need to follow through with buying her anything, etc...  She later called me and said, "that Faygo is zero calories -- can you get me two more packs!!!"  Ugh!  She's been reading calories a lot lately.  Interesting!
     As a side note, I did call my mom more in the evenings this week.  One night she was not in her room until 10 pm.  She said her TV wasn't working so she went to watch Don's TV.  It is true, she messes up her TV a lot and then gets "snow" on the screen.  She does not know how to fix it.  Then, the next night she called me around 9pm and said, "I thought you might be looking for me.  Me and Don just got back from the movie theatre (in their building).  We saw "Driving Miss Daisy".  It was good except Don forgot his hearing aid."  Too funny!  The good news is that she "remembered" I had checked on her the night before and actually thought to call me in case I was trying to reach her.  I think in some ways her memory is better than Don's, but I think they both help each other out.  Between the two of them, they can "put things together". 
     On Saturday, after Megan's music competition, me, Megan and her girlfriends stopped in to say "hi" to my mom.  "The Don" was there.  We only had a few minutes as the girls were on their way to see "Hunger Games".  We all introduced everyone and the girls thought they were "so cute".  As I was leaving, Don told me if I need any ceramic tile or marble work done to let him know!!!  Now that would be interesting!!  Apparently, that is what he used to do for a living.  Wonder what would happen if I turned him loose in my bathroom!?  (It's tempting!)  Bottom line...my mom is happy (and I have the long awaited picture of them below)!!!  What do ya think?  Is he just as "hot" as you imagined?? ;)

My mom's notes and lists...
Going in for more!!!

The coaster and sugar packs are coming home with her!!
 Mom and "The Don"


Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

OMG - how cute are they!!! I'm glad you decided to just let it run it's course.

I love how you spoiled her for lunch - getting dessert too :) That's just to awesome.

Kerri said...

What cute pictures of your mom and The Don! He is almost just as I imagined him!
I am feeling the need to admit that I often take an extra packet or two of Sweet N Low or Splenda or whatever! You never know when you may need one! I bet your mom loves getting to go out to lunch with you.

Arlene - Caregiver ordinaire said...

Your Momma has the sweetest smile. Thank you for sharing these great photos! Take some pictures of you and your mom together! She looks like she really enjoyed lunch with you. :)

Donna said...

Awwww....adorable! I am WAYYY behind on your posts! :/