That Was a Blur!?

     So, remember that day that I posted about the excitement of Megan making the high school soccer team!?  Come to find out, there wasn't much time to bask in the glory...  The next day was the "Parent Meeting" where we learned that Friday and Saturday were the season's biggest fundraisers by hosting a weekend soccer invitational exhibition where parents were expected to take volunteer shifts, players were playing 2-3 games, there was a pancake breakfast with tickets to sell for Saturday morning, bring a 12 pack of pop for concessions, give a uniform deposit, pay to play for the season, oh, and don't forget to get those black and white Nike socks they will need for Friday!!??
     Say whaaaaat???????  My head was spinning.....
     This isn't my first rodeo.  We have been in the soccer world for over ten years, but do you think one of the coaches could have dropped an email letting us freshman moms know they would be involved in this event if they made the team!?
     Oh, and did I mention that for six months we have known that Megan's high school band would also be performing in the Michigan State Band & Orchestra Association's festival competition on Saturday.  Also one of their biggest events requiring parent volunteers as well as students.
      Friday - Got the pop, got the socks, paid the fees, picked her up from school to drive to a 3pm game, pick up my other two kids, watch the end of the game, drop the pop off at the other high school, go home, eat dinner, husband leaves early for his volunteer shift, then drive to her school at 7 pm for 8pm game time under the lights.  My husband was working up in the booth announcing advertisers and working the clock with another guy.  Got home around 9:30 pm, slept.  Saturday - Got up by 7 am for 8 am soccer pancake breakfast before 9 am warmup with band for 10 am performance time, Megan stays to volunteer, I go home, eat lunch, back to school for my concession stand shift 1-4 pm moved to outdoors.  It was a lot of running around.  Jacob and Kristin also helped work the concession stand and they were a big help!  I was signed up to work the "indoor" soccer concessions, but when I arrived we learned that the band had requested that soccer not intrude on their fundraiser and suggested they close their indoor concessions down.  Glad I wasn't there for that conversation...  I do agree, though.  All of the soccer games were outside and the soccer team already had the concession stand out there so for them to try to double dip with the band competition was "not cool".  Oh....the drama!! 
     Stay tuned for when the marching band starts practicing for their performance at Walt Disney World...which may conflict with soccer practices!!??  Gosh, I hope not!
     Back to what it's really all about...I was sooo proud of how well Megan played in her games on Friday and the buzz is how awesome the freshman team is going to be.  These were exhibition games, which they won 1-0 and 3-0.  Their coach wants them to scrimmage varsity and has already told the JV team that the freshmen can beat them!!??  We shall see...  Thankfully, we have a few weeks before the official season starts for the freshmen.
     We had a beeeeeaaauuuuutiful weather weekend here in Michigan.  Most years this soccer invitational is held in snowy freezing cold conditions....  
     So on Saturday after the pancake breakfast, I volunteered to monitor the auditorium  where the bands were performing.  Shortly after their 10am performance, we learned that they received straight I ratings on their performance which is the highest ranking.  The bands perform in front of 3 judges who write our remarks and rate their performance.  Kinda like American Idol...but not really!
      Even though we were tired, we snuck out for a late St. Patrick's Day corned beef sandwich dinner and Shamrock shakes later that night!!!  My husband (middle name Patrick) is very Irish on his mom's side so we celebrated with the kids!!!  Repeat after me..."it's all about the kids"!!!  (Note to self:  plan a "date night"...w/o the kids!)
     (Stay tuned for a late edition of "Monday Memories With My Mom"...for a new development in the continuing story of my adventures in caregiving.)

 The Weekend was a blur...and so were some of my pictures!
(Megan directly above in white)
The Pancake Breakfast...not too crowded yet 'cause it's 8 am! 

The Concert Band performed for the 3 judges

Straight I Ratings!!!  Yay!


Ruth said...

Whew, I'm exhausted just reading about it. A busy but fun couple of days. It is all about the kids, and it should be. :)

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Congrats to the Concert Band and to Megan's soccer team! How awesome and what an exciting weekend for her! (and you!)

And Shamrock Shakes!!!! HOLY COW am I JEALOUS ;)