Monday "Memories" With My Mom

The Adventures of Caring for a Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
     Last Tuesday I took my mom to her first appointment with the podiatrist who sees residents at the American House.  Previously, my mom was going to a doctor who is located about 25 or 30 miles from where my mom is currently living.  Even though he is a really nice guy, I thought it was definitely worth checking out the more conveniently located doctor in her building.  Afterall, this is a podiatrist...not a neurologist.  I remember mentioning this new doctor to my mom at her last appointment and she was all for it and actually seemed amazed that there was a podiatrist right in her building.  I also remember being relieved because I thought she would say "but I really like Dr. Adas".  But she didn't.  In fact, she said, "yeah, it doesn't matter, let's go there next time".
     Fast forward to now, when I went to took her down the hall to the new podiatrist she started balking and saying "but what about Dr. Adas", etc....  I finally said, "really, are we going to do this now?".  I told her she was all for it before.  Of course, she had no recollection of that conversation.  In the end, she went down the hall willingly where we came upon about 3 other residents waiting for their turn (ugh!).  I was given the usual "new patient" paperwork to fill out.  Instead of playing "20 Questions" with my mom, I directed her to go see what they were doing in the lobby. 
     There was an "activity" going on for the residents.  Quickly, I heard "Mary, do you want to play?".  To which my mom said, "I don't know what you're doing".  Shortly thereafter I heard my mom clapping and cheering excitedly!  I chuckled to myself and later walked over to discover their game was...laundry basket basketball.  Three shots per turn.  I was impressed to see my mom easily get two out of three shots!  It was cute to see the residents cheering each other on and giving each other advice.  Don't let all the walkers and wheelchairs fool you...most of them "still got it" in the athletic department.  My mom's best friend there, Dorothy a/k/a "Grandma Frog" ended up winning!  (I think my mom woulda had a good chance if she had been there from the beginning ;).  The winner got TWO snacks...the rest of the participants received one!!  Good times!!
     Finally, it was our turn to see the podiatrist.  He quickly got my mom's nails and feet fixed up and we have now set up a monthly appointment where they will bring my mom down for her appointment, fix her up, and escort her back to her apartment.  What a relief that will be!  One less appointment for me to take her to.  Again, I am sooooooo thankful that things are going in a more positive direction!!  It is still hard to get used to having help come our way after needing it for sooooo long! 
     In other BREAKING NEWS...  Jacob and I stopped over for a quick visit last Sunday.  As we were halfway down the hall to my mom's apartment we came upon an older gentleman coming away from the direction of....my mom's apartment.  I recognized "him" right away.  It was my mom's gentleman friend, Don.  I said, "Hello, are you Don?" and he said "Yes!".  I said, (loudly), "Hello, I am Mary's daughter, Cindy, nice to meet you".  "Ohhh", he said and we shook hands.  Then, I introduced Jacob as "Mary's grandson".  As we had our hands full of stuff for my mom, we then parted ways.  He was very nice, but looked "older" up close.  When we go to my mom's apartment and told her who we had just "ran into", she was stunned and fascinated that I introduced myself.  I then had to retell the story at least five times during our half hour visit.  I also took the opportunity to indicate that it appeared we "just missed" him in her apartment.  To which she giggled and assured me it was all innocent....
     Let's just say, the bed was still made and the TV was on as loud as ever.  Another week, and things are good!

Laundry Basket Basketball, Anyone??

 And the winner is....Grandma Frog!!!
Enough games, Mom -- time for your doctor appointment!


Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Yay to meeting Don :) Glad their visit was all innocent - LOL.

Love the photos of the basketball players - looks like they had some fun!

Kerri said...

Enjoyed this post Cindy...sounds like things are going well for your mom. It's also nice that you can check off one less appt. for yourself!

Donna said...