Just Look...."Natural"

Recently, I've found myself in the high maintenance category...or as some people call it, a little pampering and taking care of myself.  Although I do get my hair done on a fairly regular basis (a/k/a when the grey becomes out of control), it is not as typical for me to take part in these other two activites...at least not these days.
In my old age, it's become harder and harder to "look natural"...lol!? 
Oh the drama of getting that "natural" color I was born with back in my hair.  So boring waiting around, too.  Thus, the picture taking.  You can only text and chit chat for so long.

Flatttering, I know...

No more grey!
I feel like I was the Founder of these tanning places...I literally used to spend about a third of my monthly salary tanning....back in the 80s and early 90s...to ge that "natural" glow
Xclusive Tan
Boom chicka wah wah!!
These beds have come a long way...built in fans, pillows, speakers, timers. 
Where have I been?

Nothing like a good old manicure and pedicure!!!
  Let's just say the girl earned her $$$$!!!
(Don't judge!!)

Hasta la vista, Baby!


Kerri said...

Good for you for you for pampering yourself...I'm sure it feels good! I love your haircolor!

Susan said...

I always feel better when I get rid of the grey in my hair..... and a mani-pedi always helps, too!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Love pampering time!

Donna said...

You are toooo fricking funny, girlfriend!

Jennifer said...

Send some of that high maintenance my way! I could use it. Also, send me that ring while you are at it!!! I love it!

Sarah said...

Looking good!