Friday Follies

     Greetings friends and fellow bloggers!  Boy, I have really been slacking in the blogging world.  Have not been taking many pictures which are usually the inspiration for my blogging.  Although nothing monumental has been happening, I thought I'd share some of the ordinary nonsense that has been going on around our household.  Believe me, my thoughts will be all over the spectrum of randomness....

~~~ First off, I have been spending waaaaaay too much time finding good deals shopping.  Primarily on the internet, but also in the stores.  Everything I have bought was at least 60 percent off and much of it even 90 percent off.  The UPS man and I are getting to know each other even more than we did during the Christmas holiday!!!

~~~ My normally cheerful and easy going teenage daughter has (again) shown some signs of major sassiness and a general lack of cooperation these last few days.  Very emotionally draining.  (This entitlement thing is getting  out of control.) To date, we have turned off her cell phone (which makes me more nervous than her) and told her she would not be going to tonight's basketball game.  Well, today I realized this isn't just any basketball game (first year high school parent) it is the Winterfest game (like a homecoming in the winter) and there is a pep rally at school today, spirit week is winding up, and the Winter Court will be announced...  I am feeling myself starting to cave on letting her go tonight.  We will see...  There at least needs to be a long talk.  (To think we haven't even started the driving yet -- she can start driver's ed in 5 months....scaaaarrrrrry!)

~~~ I made a cute inexpensive Valentine banner and decorated my mantel.  However, I   decided not to share a picture because it seems so lame in comparison to the things I have seen on Pinterest.  (I literally stapled heart shaped doilies to a nice ribbon and used letter stickers to say "be mine".  Normally, I don't even decorate much for Valentine's Day.  It also made me realize Valentine colors kind of clash with my brown toned mantel colors.  (Note to self husband, redo entire fireplace.)

~~~ A co-worker and friend of my husband's (and mine) who is 34 years old has gone from headaches, to brain tumor, to surgery, to Stage 4 brain cancer in the last 3 weeks.  He was engaged to be married in September, but went and got married in a private ceremony yesterday.  Breaks my heart.  Yet another reminder to live each day to the fullest!!!!!! 

~~~ I know it's a sad day when you talk about "weather" on your blog...but this weather is CRAZY!!!  We finally got a decent snowfall and then it completely melted like two days later.  This is Michigan and that just isn't normal.  44 degrees today.

~~~ I don't mean to keep talking about the iPad I got for Christmas, but I am convinced it is partially responsible for my lack of blogging.  iPad = iLazy!!  It is so portable and great for reading all of your blogs, emailing, buying things and my increasing addiction to Words With Friends, but not as great for typing my day to day drama. 

~~~ We have some fun trips coming up, one family vacation to Scottsdale, AZ, my husband has a guy golf vacation to Florida (renting a house with like 8 guys), and I also have a girls trip coming up to sunny Florida!!!  That NEVER happens, but some full out sunshine is definitely something we look forward to!!  (Note:  The family vacation is courtesy of Delta vouchers given to us for being bumped to a different flight a year ago -- major bonus!!)

~~~ I always wanted to have a Super Bowl party but never have.  We've let the kids have a few friends over before, but nothing big.  Guess I'm waiting for our Detroit LIONS to go all the way!  Hey - it could happen!!

     If you are still reading, thanks for reading my randomness!!!  Here's to a great weekend....TGIF and all that good stuff!!


Jennifer said...

So did you let her go to the game????????

The Pawlak Family said...

I know you caved...she went...I saw first hand!!! Lol!

She's so SWEET and ADORABLE. I don't believe you. Nope, don't believe it. :-)