Career Day

     Thought I would take a minute to share that my 6th graders, Jacob and Kristin, had Career Day at their middle school this past week.  This is where different parents and volunteers share information about their careers with the students.  Some of the students get dressed up for school that day (it was actually a half day of school).
     Kristin took this very seriously and acted like she was going on a job interview.  The night before she was deciding outfits, trying them on and texting pictures to her friends, laying out clothes and jewelry, and was even afraid she was getting a zit on her face (which I couldn't even see...lol!). 
     Jacob's preparation was...can I just wear a nice golf shirt??  I told him it was fine!  Ha!
     My favorite part is when they told me the careers they were looking into.  Apparently, there was a sign up sheet and the "popular" careers got taken quickly so these were not necessarily their first choice, but here we go:
Horse Trainer
Makeup Artist
Hair Stylist


Professional Golf Manager
Mechanical Engineer
     For some reason, I got quite a kick out of this list.  I realize that in 6th grade you don't necessarily have a clear focus on your future career, but I found this list fairly diverse to say the least!
     In the end, Kristin's "favorite" was Makeup Artist and Jacob's was Mechanical Engineer.  However, they both are considering dentist and dental hygienist because they were giving out the best "free stuff".
     Did any of you grow up to be what you wanted in 6th grade?  Oh, to be young again!!!  Sometimes I miss those school days!!


Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

LOL - my 5th grade daughter has at least 10 different careers she wants - but cutest thing is she always says her number one choice is to be a mom! Then model, singer, teacher, CSI, etc.

Brian said...

Don't let your kids get in to golf course worked any kind.
. Ever.

Donna said...

I haven't grown up yet, silly!