Two Special BIRTH Days!!

     Early this morning I received double good news from two very special people in my world!!  My cousin (and godchild) Jennifer and my bff Nancy's daughter, Sarah, who is also my godchild.  Both mommys had baby boys early this morning!! 
     This has just rocked my little world...what are the chances??  It has also been suggested that this makes be a godgrandma (Brian), but that makes me sound really old!  Ha!
     In birth order, meet:
Jackson "Jack" Emmett
born today at 12:17 am 


William Andrew
born today at 5:21 am

Awwwwww, how cute are they!!  I am so happy for their parents and families!!!



Kerri said...

Awwww...congrats on becoming a godgrandma! The boys look like they could be twins!

Nancy said...

Awsome post, Cindy . . . but truly I think you should be called "Grand-Godmother"!

Donna said...

Whatever you say, GRANDMA!!! :))))
Love you guys!!