Class of 2012

          As I believe I have indicated before, we have seven neighbors on our street who graduated from high school this year.  Obviously, I have known this was coming for awhile since I've known most of these kids since they were in preschool.  Six out of seven are having graduation parties which left the dilemma of what to give each graduate.  I wanted to keep it simple and equal, but yet maybe something slightly memorable (not quilting blankets for each!).  I know money is normally the gift of choice, so I was looking for a different way to present the money.  To me, sometimes it's all in the presentation!!
    Commencement was held at Eastern Michigan University on June 3rd.  At the last minute, I decided to perform a small "not so random" act of kindness.  Me and the kids went out and bought graduation balloons and tied them to all of the graduates mailboxes on our street so that when they came home from commencement they would see them.  It was fun and did not take long for my neighbors to figure out I was the one who had done it.  They seemed to truly appreciate the small gesture.
     So far, we have been to two grad parties on our street.  We have another party this Saturday (twin grads) and a few more coming up through July.  Megan has also been invited to several parties of other graduating seniors from school.
     After searching Pinterest and trying to come up with an idea that would not take too much time, I was glad to see that Karina from Bunches and Bits had posted this clever idea on a grad gift of money. 
     I did much the same, but added my own twist which is basically the easier version.  I found these cute little graduation boxes at the dollar store so I used them instead.  By the way, five out of six of the graduation parties on my street are for boys.  We have been having fun celebrating and hanging out with our neighbors at their parties and the gifts have been a hit with the grads and the moms!!
     For the record, this year's grads on our street will be attending:
Michigan State University - 4 grads
Central Michigan University - 1 grad
West Point Military Academy!! - 1 grad
     As for me...I've got three years until I have a high school graduate and feel like I should start working on the house, yard and the party now!!!

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Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

What a cute idea!!! Love it.