(Cue the Music)....Ya Say It {Was} My Birthday!?

     Well, last Wednesday I celebrated yet another birthday...  Some would say it would be their "last" birthday as it ended in a "9".  I, however, don't really want to have a "last" birthday so I will keep celebrating!! 
     The Sunday before my birthday, the kids had surprised me with balloons and decorations in the house when we arrived home from a neighborhood graduation party.  My husband was going to be in Phoenix for business on my birthday so we had a small family celebration on Sunday.
     On Wednesday my girlfriend, Lisa, and I had plans for my favorite salad for lunch and then to hang out after that.  We ended up going to Home Goods for about three hours which is something I never seem to get a chance to do.  (Do we know how to party, or what!!?)  She is one of those friends who is always like "just get it"....  We did end up with a couple of carts full of stuff...  Lisa is one of Kristin's friend's moms and we have become good friends.  She crazy decorated her house for my birthday with a giant sign on her garage and then this tropical spread in her kitchen.  I guess the kids did a lot of it while I slept in on my birthday.  She also had dropped off a chai tea and bagels for us in the morning. 
     The more I think about it, girlfriends might be better than husbands!!  Cheers !!!

A Morning Birthday Welcome from My Kids

 My Birthday Table...Complete with Flowered Throne...

 Birthday Flowers Sent from My BFF Nancy!!

Lisa Found Me This Purse, Which I Love!

 A Wireless Keyboard For My iPad


Texted This Pic to My Husband to Try to Make Him Jealous
(Unfortunately he knew it was only Lisa's husband -- and no I didn't drink the tequila!!)


Sarah White said...

looks like a fun time!!!!!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! And it looks like you had so much fun :)

Jennifer said...

SO fun!!! And you know what, my first thought was, oh, Cindy must be turning 39 this year!!!

Cindy said...

Oh, I like your first thought!!

Cindy said...

Thanks, Heather!! I was partying at "your" Home Goods!!

Cindy said...

Good to hear from you Sarah!