Driver in Training...Megan!

     On Monday Megan started Driver's Ed classes which she is taking at her high school from 8-10 am for the next two and a half weeks.  She has scheduled her first "driving" session for next Tuesday.  Lordy Lordy is this really happening!? 
     You realize this means me and/or my husband will be putting in some driving time with her starting this summer...perhaps sooner than I think.  The good news is, she will not be 16 until September 2013 so we have plenty of time to "practice".  I hate to think of driving as something you "practice", but it kind of is. 
     She is very responsible, so I am confident she will take that responsibility to the road as she learns to drive!!  Meanwhile, I will be studying my "Guide for Parents" which hopefully says something about "how not to panic when they "accidentally" go through a red light"!? 
     Oh, and for the record, so far the girls have called their two hour ($250) class "boring"!!!!!  (Not exactly the word I was looking for!  Pay attention anyways girls...soon you'll be out on the open road!!!) 

No Headphones on the Open Road Girlfriend!!

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