Soccer Banquet

     At the conclusion of Megan's first year of playing high school soccer, we learned there would be a banquet for all of the high school players at a nearby country club.   At $20 per family member (the boosters paid for the players), we opted to leave Jacob and Kristin at home (which actually turned into my friend, Lisa, taking them to the movies).
     The club is very nice and a far cry from the more typical banquets I am used to which are sometimes at school.  The players all sat together and my husband and I opted to sit by our next door neighbor whose daughter plays Varsity.  George had traveled all day from AZ to make it back in time for the banquet. 
     After a really good dinner, each coach spoke about their team, their record, their players and then there was a slide show of the games and the girls which a special focus on the senior players who were graduating.  We had an excellent freshman team.  However, as it  often goes in high school sports, our goalie was bumped up to help JV after their goalie was injured.  Coupled with some other injuries and movement of players, the freshman ended up short handed in some of their games.  It was a bit frustrating knowing we woulda, coulda, shoulda had all our players.  I would tell you our record, but I really don't know... 
     The coach also made mention of the nickname he gave M, which was "Woody" -- in part because there are two Megan's on the team, our last name, and in light of her Disney trip during the soccer season!  Interesting, huh?  (After the banquet, the coach apologized to my husband for Megan's nickname.  Snicker, snicker!  Men!)
     Coach Matt has an excellent British acccent and it was a pleasure to hear him coaching from the sidelines all season.  Even when he was "yelling" at his players, it sounded quite heavenly!!  He could often be heard saying things like (get your British accent on), "Unlucky Woody!"  "Good idea Woody", "You've Got Time, Woody", etc.   Rumor has it that the coach will be hosting some kind of swim party this summer for the team.  We are hoping he will follow the girls as they move up to JV next year.
     After the (3 hour) banquet, the girls posed for pictures out by the lake.  It was a beautiful night and a great sunset.  It was then that we learned that Coach Matt had been married at the club five years before and posed for pictures in the same location.  Awwwww!
     We look forward to watching the team grow and more soccer this Fall and high school soccer again in Spring 2013!!!  Good season, Megan!!!

Valerie, Megan, Courtney, Julie and Vanessa

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