Freshman Year, Surviving and Thriving!!

     As we are winding down the school year, I thought I would take time to share what we have been up to lately.  Megan has almost completed her first year of high school and all of those initial anxious feelings (more from me than her) are long gone.  She loves it and in some ways it seems like she has been in high school forever already!
    Recently, we attended the last high school band concert of the year.  It was a pretty long one with goodbyes to seniors, the jazz band, symphony band, wind ensemble and concert band.  It also featured two senior soloists.  One who is going to Julliard who played a saxophone solo and the other, our next door neighbor, played the oboe.  Our neighbor is going to Central Michigan University to study music education.  These kids are talented!! 
     As for Megan, she has maintained her "first chair" position all year and their band sounded great.  She has also been taking weekly private lessons.

      Then we were informed of an Honor's Assembly for those maintaining high grade point averages...different criteria for each grade, I believe.  We are proud she was included in this assembly.

     Below is the freshman class waving to the parents in the balcony.  (Megan is in the front row by stage, fourth from the left in purple!) 

     Then, there was the last soccer game of the season.  Notice I spared you a season of pictures and updates!!  Their team was very good.  At the last game, Megan hyper extended her wrist while warming up as goalie.  It was a busy season, and I will not miss all the driving around.  I will miss watching them play, though.  We do have a soccer banquet coming up, so I may have more to share then.  Below Megan is in the foreground.  She has been playing soccer with the other two girls since first grade.

     Soccer pictures are hard to take.  The ball is constantly in motion (not like the early years of soccer).  Look at my awesome shot below -- no, that girl is not supposed to touch the ball with her hand...so we got a free penalty kick and SCORED!

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Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

What a fun year for Megan! Looks like she enjoyed her freshmen year for sure!