How I Spent Mother's Day 2012

     I hesitate to do a Mother's Day post, but since this is my "memory keeper" I will want to add this one to the collection.  Things were kind of chaotic this past weekend.  Saturday was jam packed with kids and parents going every which way.  Eventually, though, my husband and son had to take care of some things at our little place up in Lexington, MI due to the fact that I arranged for some guests to temporarily live up there starting this Friday.  They got up there Saturday evening and ended up spending the night.  After a crazy day, me and my girls watched "chick flicks" Saturday night including Legally Blonde, Leap Year (and part of The Notebook) which all happened to be on tv! 

     Sunday morning (Mother's Day) I was sequestered to my room by my girls. They said I could not come downstairs until 11 am. I like to sleep in, but that was a bit much. Thankfully, I had my phone and my iPad with me. I was anxious to see what the girls were up to. I imagined my house sparkling clean or perhaps a lovely breakfast of some kind. Eventually, I did get a cup of coffee around 10:30 am after I asked Kristin if I could please have some (ha!).
     When I finally did come downstairs around 11 am I was greeted by the sign above and a "tidied up" kitchen and family room.  Then, Megan said, "I tried to make you a cake but we only had one egg left and it was supposed to have three!".  Ha!  (see below) It's the thought that counts and apparently it tasted just fine because I never even had a piece and it was gone within 24 hours.  I did sneak a crumb out of the pan though and it was pretty good!  (Note to self...this mom needs to make sure she always has eggs and teach her daughter that it is hard to "fudge" a cake box recipe by 2 eggs.)
     By then it was approaching lunchtime and my girls were "starving".  They wanted to go to lunch anywhere I wanted...since I was driving and paying.  We went to this place by us called the Lion's Den.  It's very nice and has a very diverse menu.  I shared lots of giggles with my girls, then we visited my mom, went to JoAnns and came home to my boys.  My husband made dinner and I was given some gifts, including a new "big girl" Nikon camera that will hopefully improve the quality of some of my pics.  Some of the pics below are cell phone and some with my new camera which I don't really know how to use.  Kristin and her best friend, Kaleigh both got us moms a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure at the same place so we can go together.  That was cute of them!  I also happened to find my favorite color of peony bushes at Costco last Friday, so I asked my husband to surprise me with those! 
     It was a good day, but in the end it always comes down to one thing, which is -- it's really all about the kids!!!  Without them...there is no Mother's Day!!!

The Famous Cake!!  Definitely a nice effort!

Kristin made me this bracelet with clay.  We saw the idea on Pinterest!


Hope to use this before school's out for summer!

My favorite flower in my favorite color! 

 It's all about...Jacob

and Kristin!!


Kerri said...

Sounds more like Christmas at your house!! A new camera, how lucky are you?!! Glad you had a great Mother's Day...you deserve it!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Wow - flowers, cake, jewelry and pampering! You hit the jackpot my friend!