Did You Say Dumb Blonde??

     The other day I had to go up north to our place in Lexington, MI (which is on Lake Huron).  We are letting some friends stay there and I wanted to make sure things were clean and situated for them since we just opened it up for the summer.  As luck would have it, Jacob ended up not feeling well that day and stayed home from school...so I brought him along with me.  I have not been up there since last October.
     So, we're driving along I-94 East...  Most of the time, Jacob was watching a movie with headphones...  His movie ended right around the time that I was approaching the Blue Water Bridge.  This is where we typically stay in the left lanes to head to Lexington (instead of Canada).  There was a lot of construction all around and some detour signs.  Well, I swear, within an instant there were two lanes...one for Canada and one for the detour.  I said to Jacob, "uh oh....I think we're going to Canada".....
     Wouldn't you know right ahead are toll booths for $3 to cross the bridge...my instincts made sure I was in the left lane hoping for a way to turn around -- I did not want to go to CANADA!!!!  I explained to the nice lady in the toll booth that I did not mean to be there.  Thankfully, she did not laugh and got another nice man who gave me this loser sign (preprinted for blondes like me, I guess).    

     He then directed me to what I would call "loser lane" where I was told to wait until someone would come and open the gates for me to turn around....  (Humiliated much??)

Jacob thought this was a great adventure from his day off school!?  Then, as luck would have it, a GUY, who WAS NOT blonde pulled behind me within ten minutes with the same sign in his window....  Shortly thereafter, the nice MDOT man (who I apologized to a million times) came and opened the gates and then gradually stopped lanes of semi-trucks and car traffic of people who were waiting to cross into the U.S...

The Bridge coming into the U.S. was pretty backed up...dumb blonde coming through!!  As part of my reward, I then got to wait in this

Of course, I was in the line where they ask a million questions.  The border patrol lady was nice, but did ask me almost as many questions as if I had actually made it to Canada!!  This innocent mistake cost me a good 45 minutes to an hour.  I am not a bad driver who has no sense of direction (for real), and remember I did not have to share my humiliation!!
     When I got home that night I checked the internet to see when this detour started etc...  According to the MDOT website, it had just started two days before.  I am willing to bet that my husband (who asked me if I have been into the blonde hair color again) would have also ended up in Canada had he experienced the same detour...just sayin'!!!

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Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

How frustrating this must have been for you! The crazy construction season is in full effect and I can't stand it. Although I'm excited about my camping trip this weekend - I'm not excited about the drive there!