Tiger Time Out...for a Craft

     Took time out recently to put together a tie fleece blanket as a gift.  I think this is about the tenth one I've made over the last ten years!  So, I guess I average one per year - ha!?  Although this isn't exactly the time of year for these warm blankets, I still think they are handy to have and my kids love theirs that I made and often drag them downstairs if we are having a movie night, they are sick or just feeling lazy.  I also keep a red white and blue/blue  (on reverse) blanket in my car at all times and it is very handy for games, parades, and other family outings.
     Of course, they are not difficult to make, and I know many of you have probably made them or have no desire to....but I was playing with my new camera so happened to take pics of the progress this time.  I purchased 1 1/3 yards of each fabric which is plenty big.  I think I made my kids extra big at 2 yards each. 
     I also made another one around this time last year.  Do any of you have a better method or tips or tricks to make the process go any faster?   I have just made them by trial and error and have been pretty happy with the way they've turned out! 

Carefully lay out material...wrong sides facing each other

I cut strips about 5-6" long and about an inch wide 

Work your way around all four sides...wish I had a big enough table...my floor kills my knees! 

Turn on a good tv show and start tying knots all the way around trying to make the fringes contrast the side they are facing (i.e. the blue fringe ends up near the orange print side) 
I go back around and try to clean up and trim the fringes with scissors and make sure all knots are tight and even as possible.
(Where is Kristin????)


Kerri said...

Love this Cindy...I want to make one too! I like the blue and orange together...what a fun gift this would make!

Nancy said...

Hey, that blanket looks familiar!!! :) Jackson will love it!