Hello Orlando!!

     I've known for about a year that my daughter's high school marching band would be performing at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.  I believe my first reaction was, "I am sooo going!"  Many parents volunteered their own time and money as official chaperones.  I opted to ask my friend, Alyce, if she wanted to make a vacation out of it knowing she had never been to Disney or the Orlando area before. 
     Last Thursday I got up with Megan around 4:30 am and took her to school for a 5 am motor coach to the airport.  Later that day, we departed out of Flint Bishop International Airport to Atlanta and then Orlando for six days/five night "vaca".  Although I have heard for years from my frequent business traveling friends that they loved flying out of Flint, this was the first time I had a flight from there.  From now on, we will always be trying to fly out of Flint first.  It is a much smaller airport than Detroit Metro and soooo much easier parking and getting to the gate and through security, and from where I live just as close as Detroit Metro.  Major bonus! 
     There were three main goals of this vacation:  (1) relaxation/transformation (2) sun worshipping; and (3) to see Megan's band's performance at the Magic Kingdom  (not necessarily in that order).  Mission accomplished!
     We got to Orlando around 5 pm, rented a car, and headed to find our resort, the Tuscana Resort located in Champions Gate, Florida.  We had a nice 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo with full kitchen, living and dining rooms, three tvs and laundry facilities.  It was plenty nice and roomy and we got a great rate so it was all good.  (Groupon recently had a special for $225 for three nights which is awesome.  I actually met some people who lived 20 minutes from the resort and just went for the weekend using the Groupon deal.)
Sun Worshipping
     I finally met my match when it comes to worshipping the sun!  Friday, Sunday and Monday we spent all day poolside in excellent weather ranging from about 87-93 degrees!!  Breaks in the pool felt great and really what more can I say??  We read, we chatted, we did some people watching, we applied tanning lotion, we drank water, we went in the pool to rinse and repeat!!

 My favorite palm tree...when the sun went behind I knew it was about 5 pm!!
(as they say, it's 5 o'clock somewhere!)  
     This was not a vacation where I took a lot of pictures.  It was fun, it was relaxing and we are t-a-n!!  It's really pretty easy to be lazy!!  I highly recommend it!!  Coming soon, more about the Disney and the relaxation/transformation part!!!

I sat up to take this lovely picture (lol)
Alyce gave me those "Boca Clips" (the flamingo)...I thought they were for retired people, but they really kept my towel in place on my lounge chair!!  Ha! 
 I found the poolside shade on our last day before heading to the airport - nice!!
We may have purchased some frozen drinks on the left side of the bar ;)

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The Pawlak Family said...

I have a hard time commenting on your blog...but I'm going to try again...SOOOO WISH I WAS WITH YOU HAVING A FROZEN DRINK RIGHT ABOUT NOW! What a fabulous vacation. Love it! We all need more of those.