I've Been Tagged! 25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Well, I've been tagged by Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  She happens to be my favorite blogging cousin (Stacey...you have to blog!) and she just had a cute baby boy about two weeks ago!!  She was my inspiration to start blogging and I've known her forever (literally!).  Be sure to check her out!!  I know it is through the sharing that you make more connections, but I kinda hate putting myself "out there"!!  Anyways, ya caught me on a good day so...here goes!!
25 Things You Don't Know About Me....

1.  I have a small family, only one brother, two years younger than me, and he is a firefighter.

2.  I LOVE to laugh...and make people laugh!!

3.  I have three kids within 2 years and 9 months of each other...the early years were busy   busy (the later years are pretty busy, too)!!!

4.  I LOVE my dog (Lucky, the two-year-old Goldendoodle) -- I might love him too much (is that possible?)

5.  I worked for billionaire philanthropist Bill Davidson (Detroit Pistons and Palace owner) until he passed away three years ago.

6.  I wish social media was as popular when my kids were younger.  I could have used some Facebook, blogging, Pinterest, etc... when I was at home with my kids.

7.  My husband is from Cleveland, Ohio and the second of five kids, he has two brothers and two sisters.

8.  I met my husband at a party at his house.  (What I didn't know is that my girlfriend who invited me and all guests were asked by the host to bring a single girl with them to the party.  Sneaky sneaky!)  Apparently, I was the lucky winner since our first date was the next night.  Ha!

9.  I am a certified scuba diver.

10. I have "attended" five out of six of Oprah's Lifeclasses via DVR.  I have one more to go...

11.  There are eight graduating high school seniors just on my street this year.  (That's a lot of parties!!!)

12.  I love gift giving, party favors and party planning!!  (If I loved cleaning my house I would have way more parties!)

13.  Thirteen is my lucky number...I was born on the 13th!!

14.  My parents divorced in 1984.  Neither of them ever remarried (I think that's unusual).

15.  I can play the piano and clarinet.

16.  I Google everything (or as Jenny says, GTS)!!!!

17.  My favorite color is hot pink!

18.  I have a million things to do before the kids get out of school for the summer (and this isn't one of them - ha!)

19.  I am a good listener (say what?)!

20.  A few years ago I lost 140 lbs. the old fashioned way (i.e., without surgery).  I learned some things about healthy living.

21.  I LOVE flip flops and feel like I buy almost every pair I see (so this is my time of year!)!

22.  On Tuesday evenings (and many other days), I am a "golf widow".

23.  Rude people make me nuts!!!  You know, the ones with no common courtesy in public situations...

24.  I wish I went to church more often.

25.  I'm kind of a private person, but secretly wish I had more blog followers!!

OK, time for others to share!!  I am tagging 5 people who I'd like to know more about.
Here are the Rules:  Once tagged, write 25 random things about yourself. Then, tag the person who tagged you and 5 new people!!  Then post.
So....tag, your it!!!
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Stacey at The Pawlak Family (just to put the pressure on!)

I know everyone is "busy busy", but if you can  - share your 25 Things!!!


Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

I love these types of posts! It's nice to find out things that aren't normal blogging topics! I will have to think up some fun facts to share!

Thanks for tagging me :)

Kerri said...

Thanks for thinking of me Cindy....I'm not sure I could come up with 25 things cause I did this once before! I don't want to bore anyone! I'll think about it! Back to you though...I'd love to hear more about...
- how you lost your weight...that is amazing girl!
- Oprah's life classes. (did you know we're friends?!)
- what it was like to work for
-what it was like to work for Bill Davidson!