Red, White....and "Blue"

     Well, I have some posts hanging around, but am waiting for my daughter to tell me what she did with the memory card so I can download some pics....
     Meanwhile.....I saw this wreath on Pinterest (which I think my aunt pinned).  I thought of my mom who loves American flags, red, white and blue and all that stuff.  She also happens to live in an American House and I try to decorate her door for every season and holiday.  Memorial Day is coming...and then Fourth of July. 
     How cute, right!?  A million flagy toothpicks stuck into a Styrofoam wreath sounded easy and perfect for her door.  I opted for a small 10 inch wreath which I picked up from Michael's on a whim and then saw these toothpicks at the dollar store because I was taking my kids to those stores anyways.  (Michael's didn't have the flag toothpicks).   When I want something, I want it like...now!, so I got the cupcake toothpick things at the dollar store, but I think even grocery stores have them.  The nice girl at the dollar store even gave me buy one get one since I told her I really didn't need the cupcake cups. 
     It may seem like the easiest project ever, and it pretty much is, but there is a bit of an art to making sure the toothpicks are facing the right way and inserting them at a bit of an angle into the Styrofoam.  Because I bought such a small Styrofoam* that I had to break off a bit of the toothpick to make it fit in the Styrofoam.  And, yes, I felt like the Rainman with all the toothpicks.  (Ya know, how he can count them in an instant!)
     I was pretty pleased with how it turned out and knew my mom would think it was the neatest thing ever!

Supplies:  Flag Toothpicks and Styrofoam Wreath Form
Starting to Make Progress
More Progress...

Almost Done...Starting to Feel Like Rainman
The finished product which did not photograph well....but it doesn't matter because I can't take another picture.

*You see, there is a sad ending...  When I went to hang it on my mom's door it fell and the styrofoam cracked into four pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so bummed and not sure I'm up for another round of Rainman!!  If you make one...be gentle if you use thin styrofoam!!!!

Below is what it did look like, for about 24 hours...

Cute flag wreath

via Pinterest


Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Oh my goodness!! I'd be so mad! Just my luck though. It was a so thoughtful and a cute idea!

Ruth said...

It looked great, while it lasted. If you make another one try using a hard green or white (extruded) wreath. That's what Jenny and I used for our wreaths and they're still in one piece.

Kerri said...

Oh man! I am bummed for you Cindy! All that hard work...can't believe that happenened. YOu did a great job!