His and Her Wedding Anniversary!

    Last week, May 1st, was our 19th wedding anniversary!!  Yikes!  I actually got home from my Florida trip very late the night of our anniversary.  It was much less expensive to fly back on a Tuesday and staying in Florida an extra day was not a problem for me!  Plus, let's be realistic, how were we really going to celebrate on a Tuesday anyway!?
   As luck would have it, we were invited the next morning to meet another couple for lunch at the Detroit Athletic Club (the DAC as we call it) and then had plans to walk across the street to the Tiger game.  My friends have access to a suite that overlooks Comerica Park with a great view!  We ordered an early lunch and had a nice lunch brought to the suite served for just the four of us.  It was kinda fancy schmancy.  Then we chatted for a bit and walked across Woodward for the Tiger game.
    We had awesome seats a few rows behind the Tiger dugout.  It was also pretty warm out and although there was the threat of rain, it never happened.  We had fun cheering for our players...for me that means the cute ones (Avila!).  I even had a beer!  (It was hot, I was at a ball game, and I was thirsty...that's about the only time I drink beer!)  We were lucky that our ace pitcher, Justin Verlander, started the game.  Unfortunately, he seemed a bit off that day and we lost 3-2.  (I hope he ate his Taco Bell!?)  It was still a thriller though! 
     So, the week went on with the normal weekday schedule of school meetings and soccer games.  Then, on Saturday night it was mama's turn.  I wanted to have dinner out with my "groom".  I got to choose one of my favorite places, Diamond Jim Bradys.  We went on the early side, like around 5:30 pm, because it fills up and I hate waiting for a table.  (They don't take reservations.)  We had no wait and got a great table.  We shared some yummy calamari, and I had my favoritest (I know it's not a word) Boursin Chicken Caesar Salad.  It is soooo yummy!  They also make a great Mojito, and I might have had two!!  We had a nice time and caught up on some of the events over the past week while I was on vacation.  My husband was Mr. Mom with two of my kids while I was gone!  The few times we do get away on our own, I like to play "let's try not to talk about the kids".  It's very difficult!!  (Wait until you're married 19 years !)
     Somehow, we've made it another year -- next year will be the big 2-0!!!  We're seriously thinking of planning a getaway to celebrate that one!!

The view from the Detroit Athletic Club window (across from Comerica Park) 

The view from our seats behind the Tiger dugout! 

Lucky 13 -- Alex Avila!!
"Paws" Paying a Visit
Diamond Jim Brady's (before the crowd)
Boursin Chicken Caesar Salad...
My romantic husband of 19 years!!  Told him I wanted a pic for the blog!


Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

First - CONGRATULATIONS!!! 19 Years is no small feat these days!!

Your seats looked awesome! Actually going with the kids in a couple of weeks to see a game - but our seats won't be as good ;)

Your dinner date looked like fun - glad you had a great anniversary week!

Ruth said...

Happy belated anniversary! 19 years, OMG how time flies.