Go Green, Go White!!

     Later this evening we are going to a grad party for the daughter of one of my best girlfriends.  It's the same girlfriend who hostessed the Royal Champagne Brunch back in April.  She and her husband really know how to throw a party, so I know it will be lots of fun!!
     I whipped up this no-sew blanket* for the graduate -- I hope she likes it!!  I have made several of these blankets in the past, and this time my daughter, Megan, helped me and it went much faster!!  I am also taking a chance posting this betting that my girlfriend, Donna, is much too busy with pre-party preparations to read my blog today and ruin the surprise...and if you are reading, Donna -- get back to work!!
     The graduate has a University of Michigan mom and a Michigan State University dad.  Any guesses on Christina's college of choice!!!!????

*OMG if you knew what it took to get this halfway decent picture of the blanket...one kid says they have to be in pic, the other doesn't want to.  Their little arms were apparently too weak to hold it up....it was more work taking the picture than making the blanket!!  LOL!




Jennifer said...

So cute! How was the party??

Sarah said...

i've made those blankets before! so nice!

*~Dani~* said...

Love the blanket! I bet the new grad loved it as well.