The End of the Season...

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      I was saving the best sports post for last.  Jacob has been playing baseball for three years now and started this season in April.  I have been purposefully avoiding posting about the baseball playoffs we have been involved in the past two weeks (didn't want to jinx anything).  We have been through some very exciting and intense games!  This year, for the first time, my husband was the head coach of Jacob's team.  In previous years, he was an assistant coach.  I believe I have mentioned before that baseball is not my favorite sport...it tends to be a little long of a game for me....  However, when your son is playing it is a lot more exciting!  He played pitcher, 1st base, and sometimes 3rd base... this year. 
     The team went undefeated in the regular season -- quite an accomplishment!!  There were so many highlights throughout the season.  We had four players who had never played baseball before...and started at the "Mustang" level (typically 3rd - 5th graders).  Those players improved sooooo much throughout the season and many of them ended up making key plays for us in the playoffs.  The first practice was -- scary....definitely a flashback to the "Bad News Bears" movie from the 70s. 
     I am soooo proud of Jacob!!  He really is a great player (yes, I'm his mom) and one of the things that really amazes me is his composure when he is pitching in these games -- I am a nervous wreck -- and have even resorted to "hiding" behind trees, etc... because I can't stand the suspense and pressure.  He made some awesome plays in the field and at one recent game the umpire (usually college aged guys) asked the team after the game, "who made that great play at third base?" -- Jacob raised his hand -- and the ump said -- "that was sweet dude"!!  LOL.  I have to say, Jake seems like a bit of a "natural" (no pun intended) when it comes to baseball.  His instincts are really good and it makes me smile when he's up to bat and the other team's coach tells his team "he's a hitter" or "back up" in the field!  :)  Or, when he is pitching and strikes out a good hitter ;) !!  Here are some of his stats:

Team Record 13-2-3
.327 Batting Average
49 at bats
6 strikeouts (lowest on team)
Pitched 39 innings

     I must also mention how proud I am of my husband, a/k/a the coach.  Bringing this group of kids to an undefeated season and a game away from the championship was quite an accomplishment.  He did it without yelling or losing his temper.  He took the opportunity to teach the kids along the way and defended his team by questioning calls when necessary.  I heard sooo many other coaches verbally belittling their players throughout the games and some poor sportsmanship along the way....by players, coaches and parents.  That is hard to watch, and I am so thankful they had a winning season without resorting to that kind of play. 
     With just one more win needed, the team took a tough 8-5 loss last night, and our season came to an abrupt end.  We had beat the same team two days earlier, however, didn't play our best last night. 
     In the end, there was so much to be proud of.  After the game, coach treated everyone to ice cream at Creamy Freeze....  Man, those kids are resilient -- although down about the loss, in no time they were eating their ice cream and waving at the cars passing by -- not a care in the world!!  The way it should be when you're playing baseball under ten years old!!!
     As a side note, after we got home late last night, Jacob said "Dad, I want to thank you for all of your support and for being my coach and everything." and my hubby said, "Thanks for playing hard and respecting me as your coach...I love ya man".   Sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!

The Team!

and the game ball goes to........

Getting the team spirit!

Father/Coach - Son/Player

Following Jacob everywhere...he's trying to avoid the paparazzi!

The Post Game Snack

The Batter's Circle

The (Messy) Dugout

Jake got a triple...

Don't make me turn my back on you, Mom!

My Little Slugger Warming Up

Batter Up!!

This might cheer us up after our semi-finals loss...

Cracking a smile

Coaches' sons seem to be feeling better!

Getting the Cars to "Honk" Makes Us HAPPY!!

Who Needs a Championship...??
We've Got Good Times and the rest of the Summer Ahead of Us!!!


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