For Moi? You Shouldn't Have!

     I hesitate to post my "birthday presents", but I guess I would be curious to see what you receive out there in blogging land, so for those that might be curious, here are some of my birthday surprises from my family...

Some K-cups, a cute reusable coffee cup,
and Caribou gift card (from Jacob)

A "Live, Love, Laugh" Wall Stencil (from Kristin)
Flip Flops for my collection (from Megan)

Two candles (Birthday Cupcake and Sugar Cookie) from Kristin
Princess Diana/Kate Middleton Engagement (replica) Ring
(from my dad along with "Princess" card...too funny)
He also got me a restaurant gift card....but I'm too lazy to take a pic of it

A peony plant (from my mom)
really from my hubby on behalf of my mom

New hoop earrings (from Kristin)
Hedgehog* charm from my mother-in-law, Doggy charm from my "Lucky" dog
Yellow Murano glass charm from my GF Beth, Cupcake charm from Megan
Love Bouquet charm from Hubby

Definitely one of my quieter birthdays with my kids all on school field trips and the husband gone most of the day, but me and my mom went and saw the movie Bridesmaids (good movie) and had a quiet dinner and then cake and ice cream with Jacob and Kristin later on.
I am grateful for a nice birthday!!
Have any of you seen Bridesmaids?  What did ya think of it?  What is/was on your birthday wishlist this year?
*Does anyone know what a hedgehog represents?  Should I be worried...


Sarah said...

You got some great gifts! this year we went to the beach for my birthday. i got at JC penney gift card, a 1 night photography class and a candle. my mom also took me out for an expensive dinner and i had a reasonable dinner with friends.

Cindy said...

The beach sounds great...did you take your photography class yet?