VBS, a Summer Tradition!!

     Every summer for the past ten years, since Megan was 3 years old, my kids have gone to Vacation Bible School and this week is no different.  We are fortunate that our church is also a school and has the facilities and resources to have a well-organized program.  It is very popular around here and normally about 500-800 kids attend!!  Crazy, right!?
     Attending VBS is yet another reminder of how much my kids are growing up.  I have many memories of how much effort it used to take for me to bring Megan to VBS when Jacob and Kristin were babies.  Then later bringing Jacob and Kristin when they were 3 years old and being nervous about Jacob barely fitting the "potty trained" criteria...and also wondering if the separation anxiety would be an issue as it sometimes was with my little Jake.
    At VBS they sing, make friends, play games, have snacks, do crafts and learn about God's love while having some good clean fun.  Megan has always loved VBS.  That warms my heart because I remember how much I used to like it, too.  This year she is an "Assistant Crew Leader" and happily volunteering to help the K-2 kids.  This will be Jacob and Kristin's last year as students.  Next year they can volunteer if they choose.
     It's a busy week here and we have to be up and out early because I'm the driver!
More stuff soon -- stay tuned!!

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