Thankful Thursday!

     In an effort to keep things positive and be grateful for the things I do have, here is my second edition of Thankful Thursday...  Things that warm my heart or just make me smile...

     I am thankful that my brother and my nephew recognized that we are overwhelmed with the extra challenge of taking care of our mom right now and took it upon himself to cut and weed whack our grass on Memorial Day weekend to help allow us a quick trip up north. 


    For my friend, Alyce, who had me over for a great "girls night" complete with champagne, appetizers, dinner and dessert!!!  She is a constant source of strength and support!


     That my mom enjoyed the Memorial Day parade up north....in her own special way!

That I live in an area where you can see beautiful things like this while you are stopped at a traffic light...a swan's nest right on the lake

(Imagine the beauty when I use my "big girl" camera!!??)

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