"Smart Soccer"...(for teenagers!)

     In April Megan tried out for her middle school soccer team and was excited to make the team along with a couple of her friends.  Megan has been playing since 1st grade and is winding down her year in 8th grade.  She has always loved playing soccer and is a great "team player".  She doesn't complain, like some, when she is put in to play a position that might not be her favorite and she is not a "ball hog" or "cherry picker" as some players can be ;).  Because she is a big middle schooler, many of her games were "away" games where she traveled to other schools by bus.  Unfortunately, I was not easily able to go to as many games as I would have liked because they were all on weekdays starting around the same time as her younger brother and sister get home from school.
     I regret that I have so few "action" pictures.  The older girls play on a much bigger field than my ten year old and there is less opportunity to be close to the action.  Plus, one of these days soon I will use my "big girl camera" instead of using my cell camera which probably has like 2 mega pixels or whatever.  Back to soccer...
     The post title "Smart Soccer" refers to their school, Smart Middle School (named after a man named C.H. Smart).  Great name for a school, right!? ;)  The other day when I picked the girls up from practice, Megan's friend told me that Megan was named Captain by her coach for the final game of the season based on her "positive attitude throughout the season".  That makes me proud!!  (By the way, this contradicts my recent "Teenagers" post, but that's another story, too.)  There is now one game left of the season and last night there was a soccer party for the girls after school.  They are a great bunch of young ladies and have been fun to watch!!  Looking forward to more fun in the future!  Proud of you Megan!!

C'mon pass the ball!

Man, it's overcast today!!

Nicer day for soccer...plus we "mercied" them!!

It's all about the Icee (blue tongue) drinks after practice!!

Soccer carpool..."shy" girls!?

A game in the rain!!

My Soccer Party Treats (teens like treats, too)!!

My Soccer Girl !!  XOX

*Her daddy dressed her that morning while I stayed home with her twin brother and sister -- still can't believe he snuck out with her wearing that red shirt with pink!!!  Ugh!

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