Bye Bye Elementary School....

     Well, we all rushed out of the house at 8 am on Tuesday for my two kids (twins, Jacob and Kristin) 5th Grade Graduation from elementary school (remember, we also have to get Grandma going, too which slows things down a bit).  Anyways, we got there and grabbed some seats, I chatted with some of the moms and shortly after watched all the students begin to file in...so cute.  Seems like their kindergarten play was just a couple of months ago.  I don't know why I get so sentimental at these kind of things.
     We listened to the principal give some good advice to the students and then each child gets called up on stage by their teacher to receive a handshake from the principal, a carnation, and a diploma. 
     Everything was going pretty well and then.....the 90 or so students turned and faced the parents and sang "Friends Forever" (have a listen Friends Forever by Vitamin C.)  Well, let the waterworks begin....for me.  It's always the music that gets me.  It should also be noted that Jacob and Kristin noticed me getting all teary-eyed and they were trying not to laugh at me while they were singing.
     Then, after I recovered and laughed at myself for crying with some other moms (most of whom were glad they were done with elementary school) there was coffee, juice and baked goods in the gym...  Took some pictures, chatted some more and then the kids went back to class for a couple more hours of school.
     Soooo...I guess it's just hard for me to believe that after nine years of having my kids in elementary school, we will not be there any more.  No more class parties, birthday treats, no more driving by and seeing them at recess on my way to the grocery store, chats with their teachers, phone calls that their tummy hurts, etc...  Middle school is different.  There is much less opportunity for parents to be involved in the classroom.  Like it or not, they do grow up fast.  Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't.  Either way, I am proud of them and the fact that they find growing up easier than I do !!

Kristin entering graduation

"Friends Forever" (the song that "got me")*
The poor kid in yellow cried the whole time :(

Jacob making his exit (Kristin behind)

Where's the love Jacob?

We will miss Mrs. Maxwell

Friends Forever

Our Teacher Gift
Tote/Cooler, Pop, Pretzels, Sunblock, Towel, Spray Mister, Magazine

It's Official!

*Extra Credit if you can spot the class troublemaker...


Ruth said...

Looks and sounds like it was a nice ceremony.I felt like once the kids were out of elementary school middle and high school just flew by.

Extra credit - I'm guessing the big kid on the left side in the dark shirt.

Cindy said...

Yes, you get "Extra Credit" :)