Nannie is Coming...from Maine!

     My mother-in-law, who my kids (at her request) call "Nannie" is coming for a short visit from Maine.  We have not seen her since Christmas.  She is originally from Pennsylvania, lived most of her life in Ohio and then retired to Maine about 5 years ago after my father-in-law passed away almost 12 years ago at the young age of 60. 

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     We are always excited to see Nannie.  The kids love having her around!!  The "Maine" reason for her visit is to attend Megan's 8th grade graduation on Friday.  It will be nice to have her spend a few days with us.  Just having another person around is always nice and she gets along well with my mom... 
     Things are going to be busy because my husband is going out of town and my kids have several overlapping activities after school this week.  He will be back on Thursday and his mom will also arrive sometime on Thursday.

Enough blogging -- I gotta start cleaning!!!


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