My Middle School Graduate

     Well, it's official.  My Megan graduated from middle school (8th grade).  They held an 8th Grade Honors Program on Friday with all the parents and families crowded into the gym bleachers.  FYI, I held my emotions pretty well.  (I only got choked up when the choir sang......Irish Blessing...  There is not much "Pomp and Circumstance" for 8th grade graduation....it goes pretty fast.)

Now, excuse me while I blog brag....  Megan received awards for Outstanding Achievement, Citizenship, GAP Award and.......the Principal's Award  (the highest award given to only the top 5 percent of the class)!!!  So proud!!

Explanation of Awards

Both Nannie and Grandma were with us so it must have been a big deal. 

Filing in...
Most of the boys don't get as dressed up as the girls...LOL!

Growing up sooo fast.....

A nice gift from Nannie

My Megan, Alexis and Madison
8th Grade Party

The last day of school is a half day Tuesday.  They had a trip to Cedar Point planned for all day today which everyone was very excited about!!!  Soooo proud of all of your hard work and many achievements Megan!!!  You deserve to celebrate!! Congratulations!

Lots of Love, Mom

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