Happy Feet!! :)

Got my pedicure !! 

     Also wanted to share that I had ordered these Dana Buchman flip flops* from http://www.kohls.com/ awhile back in the clearance section.  Kinda cute, right!?  I'm a flip flop fanatic and these by no means are my cutest or best deal....however...

Clearance price $2 (Reg. $5)
Free shipping

Final Cost:  $2 each/shipped

I think they still have limited amounts.  Don't know if there's a free shipping code out there.  I know it's .99 cent shipping now.

*Part of their "Kohl's Cares" collection.  100 percent of profits go to support the fight against breast cancer.   (Kinda feel bad that I got such a great deal.)

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The Pawlak Family said...

I tried to buy these, but the shipping alone was $5.30 cents!!! How did you get .99 cent shipping??? So cute!