Happy 11th Birthday x 2 !!

     It's a big day at our house!!  We have two birthdays here today -- Jacob and Kristin (my twins) are 11 years old today!!  Wow!  Like most kids, they are quite excited!  Let's face it -- birthdays are BIG!  We have a piano lesson, VBS and ice skating lessons today and will have a small family celebration/dinner tonight.
     What do I remember about 11 years ago today??  Checking into the hospital at 6 am being 38 weeks pregnant with twins.  (38 weeks is considered full term for twins.)  The plan was to induce my labor.  I panicked a bit when I found out "Baby B" (Jacob) was still in breech position.  I almost opted for a c-section, but my doctor was confident that I could deliver them...especially since Jacob would be the second baby in the delivery.  (Turns out he was right, but I wouldn't say it was a "walk in the park"...)
     What else do I remember?  The anesthesiologist taking forever to come to my room and give me an epidural....and later finding out his "pager" was not on!!??  Hello??  I kept saying, "I know it's taking forever"...because everyone kept saying "5 more minutes" (what seemed like 300 times!) 

     Kristin Mary was born at 6:44 pm
     6 lbs. 4 oz.

     Jacob George was born at 6:59 pm
     6 lbs. 10 oz.

     In the end, everyone was healthy and we were soooo happy to have a baby girl and baby boy.  We still feel as blessed today as we did then!  I love that our twins are a boy and a girl and how close they have been growing up together and still are today!!  (I think God gave me a boy and a girl so I could be sure to tell them apart!)

Happy Birthday J and K -- Love You!!!*
a/k/a Mom

* For the record, let it be said what a great big sister Megan was and always has been!  June is a little rough on Megan...it's my birthday, Father's Day and her brother and sister's birthday.  So, to you Megan, I remind you that the other 362 days of the year are "Megan's Day" if you think about it!!  (If you have a 13 1/2 year old, you might know what I mean! ;)

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Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they had a fabulous day!!!