Did You Say Feather!?

     A few days ago my youngest daughter, Kristin, spent the night at a friend's house and had plans to "go to the mall" the following day with her friend and her friend's mom.  I don't know how these girls do it, but one thing always turns into another, and another.  First they are just going to "hang out" (f/k/a "play"), then it's dinner, then it's a sleepover, then the mall the next morning, etc...
    So, the morning of the mall trip I get a text that goes like this:

KRISTIN:  Can I get a feather?
MOM:  In your hair?
KRISTIN  No, ask Megan (my oldest daughter)

Megan confirms it is in your hair like a a hair extension, as I suspected.  Big sister also says, "mom let her, it would look good" (which makes me suspicious when the big sister wants something for the little sister).  My main fear was that she would end up looking like a parrot with bright colors.  A lot of conversation goes back and forth.  I find out that her friend's sister already had a "feather" and now her friend was going to get one and wanted to know if Kristin wanted to get one at the same time.  I found out it would cost $30 for a salon to do it.  I have seen the celebrities with it, but never paid much attention.  See Exhibit A and B below:

Jennifer Love Hewitt Best Celebrity Feather Hair Extensions People pictureHillary Duff pulls them off nicely and they seem less casual on here. Best Celebrity Feather Hair Extensions People picture
Jennifer Love Hewitt                             Hillary Duff

     So, I emphasize to said daughter that I do not want her to get bright colors and that if she really wants to, I will pay $20 of it as part of her birthday present.  Kristin agrees.  Meanwhile, I am driving around town with my other kids and quite busy and preoccupied.  All the while I start second guessing myself and realized that I was letting my daughter do this without me even being there!?  (Never would happen with my "first born".)  Have I lost my mind?  (Possibly.)  However, I did trust the other mom who was with them.  I also reasoned that it is "summer vacation" and summers are for fun, she got all As on her report card, etc...
     Now, can we backup to mention what a feather in your hair meant when I was Kristin's age?  (Say in the 70s for example?)  It was a "feathery" looking cut like the one shown below.  I had a similar cut in 8th grade.  Cute, huh?  LOL...

Image Credit
(I have no idea who this girl is...)

     Back to 2011, I was relieved to see how it turned out later that day and she was oh so proud of her trendy "feather".  It is more subtle than it may look in the picture because usuallly some of her hair covers it more.  It is really very similar to the braiding I have let my girls get done while on our tropical vacations.  It looks cute and I think it's a fun thing for the summer.  It is supposed to last about 3 months.  You can wash and style as usual.  I don't think I would let her wear one during the school year, though. 
     I do think she caught me at a weak moment with all this last minute stuff, but I am happy with how it turned out and impressed that I even knew about this trend before she asked.  It is always cute to see my girls feeling proud and confident of how they look, so for now, it's all good!!
Kristin, the almost 11 year old trendsetter*

It's cute and fun...just like her!!
*Her hair is still wet in these pics, but I had to take them while I could!

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Jennifer said...

LOL!! I love it! I was just talking about this with a friend of mine the other day! It totally is the new cool thing!