First let me say, I love my kids with all my heart...  As a mom, having three kids under 3 (2 years 9 months actually) has prepared me (I thought) for a lot...raising twins...rewarding, challenging, and exhausting, particularly in the younger years.
    Fast forward to now.  One 13.75 year old and two almost 11 year olds.   I fear that what my friends with older kids always said is heading my way.  "Just wait" they would say..." 'til their teenagers..."
   Lately, when I find my "teenager", whose name shall be withheld for this post, "freaking out" about something...  (ps...it doesn't help when her younger sister laughs at her and says "teenagers" during said "freaking out").... I stand in amazement of the attitude that can come from an otherwise normally great and smart kid...  I remember what it is like to be a teenage girl.  I am hoping it is just the year end pressures that are getting the best of her/us.  
     Trying to try to reason with a teenager (who knows everything) might prove to be my biggest parenting challenge yet.  I guess when "they" said "teenager", I thought "they" meant 15 or 16 year olds.  Apparently I was wrong.  ThirTEEN is definitey a teen complete with "attitude"!! 
     Stay tuned and wish me luck...

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