SO WHAT Wednesday!

It's SO WHAT! Wednesday and I'm linking up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew"
to tell you what I say "So What" to!  Here we go.... 
So WHAT if:
  • I spent WAAAAYYY too much time on this....blogger kept giving me an error message every time I tried to save my post....!!!  Ugh! (excuse the errors...)
  • I am already feeling emotional about my youngest two (twins) graduating elementary school at the same time as my oldest graduates middle school
  •  I don't have any teacher gifts yet...at least I have until Tuesday and I always figure something out!! (but feel free to leave a good idea if you have one ;) !!)
  • the more there is to blog about, the less I feel like blogging...sometimes I just don't want to rehash everything!
  • My son's baseball game tonite just got postponed 15 (whole) minutes due to extreme heat...and I'm secretly hoping it just gets cancelled!!!!
  • We haven't planted one perennial yet...just crazy busy!
  • my husband is out of town and I've already decided that means I'm not cooking
  • I am supposed to be in three places at the same time tonite and I haven't quite figured out how I am going to do that
  • I often spray mist my kids cotton shirts with water instead of ironing them...don't judge...it works!
  • my son hit a home run at his baseball game on Saturday and I missed it (actually, that's not a so what....that's a so sad) :(
  • my kids grades are posted on the school website and I stalk it every day to make sure they are keeping up and see how they are doing
  • I could "so what" all day because next on my list is cleaning 3 bathrooms!
Sooooo....What are YOU saying
SO WHAT to this week????

 Link up...it's fun, you'll feel better, and I'd love to know!!

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The Pawlak Family said...

I love starbucks gift cards, and bath and body works candles/lotions. Those are always good ideas that never seem to get old!