Weekend Lineup

Although I'm relatively new to this blogging thing, it seems that the more there is to blog about...the less time there is to blog!!??  Thought I would share part of our weekend lineup. 

Lexington, Michigan

  • Soccer Party ~ Megan
  • Birthday Party ~ Kristin
  • School Ice Cream Social ~ ALL
  • Baseball Game ~ Jacob
  • Soccer Jamboree Fair - ALL
  • 2 Soccer Games ~ Kristin
  • Birthday Party (Sleepover) ~ Kristin
  • Go Up North ~ Husband and ??
  • Church VBS Meeting ~ Megan
  • Dinner with Girlfriend ~ ME!!
       Spare Time = Shop, Cook, Clean, Laundry, Yard Work, Homework,
Take Care of My Mom, Chaueffer 

Highlights to follow soon!  What are you up to??  Enjoy!!


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a good weekend! That drink sure does look yummy!