Two of My Favorite Words..."Clear" and "ance"!

     On a recent trip to Target I stumbled on this great deal on their Mossimo jeans.  My picky girls actually will wear Target's jeans....they like them and the way they fit.  The jeans are marked down from $9.99 to $2.48 per pair!  I got Bootcut flares and straight leg, dark and faded.  Four pairs of jeans for less than the normal price of one pair -- I'm all over it!!  I bought some bigger sizes for later -- 'cause I'm crazy like that...lol.
     Then I had another thought -- I shoulda got a couple more to cut down into shorts since my daughter likes that fringed cutoff look!!
  Anybody who has girls out there, ya might wanna check it out!!!


Sarah said...

i love sales on clothes and accessories! and anything for that matter!

Jennifer said...

Loves it!!!!