Yes, We Did Have Fun at the Grad Party!

     You may recall, we went to a graduation party last Thursday evening (before the holiday weekend) as I mentioned hereWell, since so many of you asked (okay, one person), I thought I would share some pictures and let you know how nice it was for The Griswolds all of us and how much fun we had.  I knew my gf would go all out -- and she did!!
     The significance to the picture of the mirror on the table was they were the mirrors we had made for our wedding tables (18 years ago)! 
     Good food and as a bonus, my friend's sister is a pastry chef -- yummy dessert table (sorry, but that picture was blurry).  As you can tell by Jacob's blue lips below...his favorite part was the blue raspberry (and red) slushees! 
Congrats to the grad, Christina, and the Class of 2011!!

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Anonymous said...

That looks like a fun party and I love the Sparty!!