We Went Raspberry...Searching!!

     One of the things on our Summer List was to go  raspberry picking.  Doesn't everyone like raspberries?  We LOVE 'em and are willing to work for them (instead of paying $4 for a pint at the grocery store)...  So earlier this week, after taking Grandma to her "Senior Club", me and my three kiddos set out to an orchard about a half hour away.  I had called ahead to make sure they were "picking" and they were.
     When we arrived, we took a little tractor-pulled hay wagon ride out to the raspberry bushes.  There were about ten people already out picking.  This was our first time picking raspberries at this orchard.  Normally, we go for raspberries at a smaller orchard by our place up north.  Honestly, we were a little disappointed that the picking was not great on this particular day.  Of course, we like it when the ripe raspberries are plentiful and you can fill your quart pretty much just standing in one area...  That was not the case -- we had to do some serious searching.  Lots of walking, looking under the leaves and down low, etc...  We worked hard -- like farmers!!??  It was kind of a bummer and we had a hard time getting 4 quarts (one each). 
     Fear not, as we are going to go back to our usual place up north to see if their raspberries are ready for "easy picking".  In the meantime, we worked on our tans, had some quality time together and, of course, later on managed to have some yummy raspberry, angel food cake and whip cream desserts!  However, I think next time I go back to this orchard, instead of picking raspberries, I will check out their new Winery!!  Anyone want to join me??  ;)


Jennifer said...

You got a lot of berries!!! Where do you usually go? We have lots of orchards by us. We should meet up this fall!!

Cindy said...

We've been going to McCallums...somewhere between Fort Gratiot and Lexington. Yes, we should meet for the Fall berries (only if L goes!).

The Pawlak Family said...

Don't forget about me this fall...sounds like a lot of fun! Your Summer List is the cutest! I love it and will steal that some day.