Christmas in July!!

     I have to say, I love the idea of "Christmas in July"!  Of course, nothing compares to my favorite religious holiday celebrated on December 25th.  However, I just love the thought of Christmas in July...  Not like let's get our Christmas shopping done, or let's put up the tree, but just the idea of fun summery activities coinciding with Christmas.  The reason is probably simple...we live in Michigan, and I have celebrated all of my Christmases here...in the winter.  Don't get me wrong, nothing beats a white Christmas here in the Great Lakes State, but I do love my iced tea and flip flops, too!
     When my husband and I were first engaged we had a Christmas in July party!  Such a fun theme...Santa and Mrs. Claus (a/k/a our crazy friends) even stopped by.  Those were the days! 
     Because yesterday my laptop power cord chose to stop working, I thought I'd come up with a quick blog post with some pics of how we ended up celebrating our Christmas in July (yesterday).  Sorry, the pics are raw (not cropped or fixed) as I am not using my own computer.  It was really an average day, no party or celebration.  Just some errands and then the kids and a friend or two trying to entertain themselves.  Just another day with The Griswolds my family.  Here are the parts I got on camera...

My idea of a refreshing drink

Kristin's idea of a refreshing drink :(

Kids and Friends Hanging Out in their Bathing Suits

Some indoor Wii Dancing with Just Dance 2 

I LOVE watching them dance...and "The Jake" is pretty darn good!

"The Jake" groovin' with  some Michael Jackson

Mom, Can We Get a Built-In Pool??  (She's a NUT!)

The Husband Celebrating with his "True Love"



Sarah said...

Hilarious that your gigantic labradoodle thinks he's a lap dog! lol

Cindy said...

He does...you're so right!