Totally Target Tuesday!

     Okay, this is fun!  Nothing like a little retail therapy to make you feel better!  (At least until the Visa bill comes!?)  Yesterday I went to 4 Targets in about 5 hours scavenging for Summer Clearance items.  I had also gone last Thursday and Saturday, but was a little disappointed that the items were at 50% off then.  Is 50% off good?  Yeah, it's awesome!  However, when things are 75% or more...that's what I'm talking about!  
     Each Target had different inventory, quantities and styles available, but I was happy that yesterday everything was 75% and one Target was at 80% off.  It was fun, and I have my kids trained to check prices on the scanners to see what the markdown is.  They are good at checking stuff and they also help find good deals.  Below are some pricing highlights

Bocce Ball Set $4.99, reg. 19.99
Backpack Folding Beach Chairs, $8.99, reg. $29.99
Cereal Bowls, .53 cents, reg. $1.79
Glad Storage Containers, .89 cents, reg. $2.99
Platter $4.49, reg.$14.99
Serving Tray $3..59, reg. $11.99
Placemats .59 cents, reg. $1.99
Plates .59 cents, reg.$1.99
Large Tumblers .59 cents, reg. $1.99
Disposable Cups .89 cents, reg. $2.99
10' x 10' Gazebo*, $50, reg. $249

     Many of these items are going to be given as gifts, in particular, the beverage tub with the matching goodies in it will be given to a family friend after I add some snack and beverages to it.  The matching white, red and turquoise set is going to be used for our place up north.  Right now we don't have cute summery stuff up there, just a mix of odds and ends for dishes...
     The gazebo*?  Now that was a fluke!  Someone at Target put the gazebo box in the Summer Clearance area.  It was already marked down 75% ($62.25), and I asked if they would sell it to me for the 80% and the manager said he would ($50.00).  Meanwhile, I didn't even know if it would fit in my car, but it did!!  Such a deal!!!
     If you want to see someone who really knows what she's doing when it comes to Target, check out my cousin Jennifer's blog and see what she found on clearance at Target.  She's the one who told me about the items that are not always in the clearance area (i.e. the Glad storage containers).  (I'm so proud!  ;) )
     Now, if someone can just tell me how to make a proper collage with my pictures, I would be happy!  Meanwhile, I'm going to try really hard not to go to Target today!!



Jennifer said...

Great finds!!!!!! I love the chairs! And I will be over to play bocce ball! As soon as I learn anyways. With the set I bought today because I couldn't resist. LOL.

Oh, and I make all my collages in Picasa.

Cindy said...

We can learn Bocce together...I dunno either!? LOL...but it was a deal!